Happy Father’s Day: The five best fathers in horror history

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3) Doug Wood (Martin Speer) — The Hills Have Eyes (1977)

Wes Craven’s The Hills Have Eyes — Courtesy of Blood Relations Co.

Road-tripping his way to the penultimate spot on our list is The Hills Have Eyes’ Doug Wood. Another character from a Wes Craven classic, dads don’t get much better than Doug. On the way to Los Angeles from Ohio on vacation, the family breaks down on the side of the road. Along with his immediately family and in-laws, Doug doesn’t think anything of it. But when a group of cannibals burns his father in-law alive, kills his wife and kidnaps his baby girl, everything changes.

Seemingly a passive person, Doug musters up the courage to get revenge on their attackers. The distraught father goes behind enemy lines to keep his baby from becoming a quick lunch. With Bobby and Brenda helping, Doug sets out to kill before being killed. Eventually he murders the cannibal groups muscle, Mars, as the screen goes to black proving you never mess with a father and his pack.