Pull an all-nighter with Joe Bob Briggs at the Last Drive-In


Finally, Joe Bob Briggs fans can rejoice! The tall Texan is back in the saddle for his Last Drive-In with Shudder.

“The man is ugly; the man is evil and the man is in love. This is gonna be an American classic.” – Joe Bob Briggs on Sam Raimi’s Darkman

Briggs Is Back, Baby!

My morning got considerably brighter after I clicked on an email from Joe Bob Briggs announcing his return to television. Fans have been waiting for this since they first heard the rumblings earlier this year about his comeback. For a decade, from 1986 to 1996 he was the host of everyone’s favorite late-night hangout, Joe Bob’s Drive-In Theater.

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After The Movie Channel closed the doors on the show another one opened for the beloved critic at TNT. For four glorious years, Briggs gave us MonsterVision until the lights dimmed in 2000. Segue to the present, eighteen years later and Shudder is taking us back to the Drive-In.

According to Joe Bob’s press release, this will be his “movie hosting farewell tour.” Of course, for this momentous occasion, it is only befitting that it begins on Friday, July 13. “It’ll kick off at 9pm ET (6pmPDT) on Shudder, and we’re going dusk to dawn til almost dusk again.”

We can expect the usual high jinx including the inside skinny on the films that are being shown plus a new Mail Girl will be revealed. Viewers can stream the program. Plus, Briggs stated that he will be “sending out more details soon about how exactly you can sign up for Shudder to watch the show as it airs.”

Do You Have the Stamina?

A fan of Briggs, the master of horror himself, Stephen King tweeted his praise to the host on Twitter:

While the vibe is definitely enthusiastic, some fans were lamenting the fact that they couldn’t stay up for the entire marathon:

In true Joe Bob fashion, the iconic critic responded:

At 1428 Elm, we will keep you posted on further developments. Until then, enjoy this promo.

Just remember, the Drive-In will never die!

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