Performers who have been in the most Stephen King films


There are so many movies based on the work of Stephen King. We’re bound to see the same actor or actress in more than one, but which actor or actress has been in the most Stephen King films?

How many times have you been watching a Stephen King film and seen an actor or actress from another Stephen King film. Have you ever wondered how many King films that actor or actress has been in? Well we’re here to help. The following are actors and actresses who have been in the most.

Kathy Bates (Three Appearances)

The actress who’s been in the most King films is Kathy Bates. She’s been in three films based on the author’s work. Albeit one role was a bit more of a cameo, the other two however are leading roles. Ms. Bates has played one of the author’s most famous female villains. Of course I’m talking about the devious Annie Wilkes in Misery. Then she played the anti hero, titular role in Dolores Claiborne. The third role came in The Stand where she had an uncredited cameo as Rae Flowers, a radio DJ.

John Cusack (Three Appearances)

John Cusack in 1408 — Courtesy of Dimension Films

The first of King’s films John Cusack was in, like Kathy Bates, was more of a cameo in flash back scenes as Gordie’s late brother Denny LaChance in Stand By Me. He would then play the lead in 1408, the skeptic who finds out ghosts are real, Mike Enslin. Side note, the film features Samuel L. Jackson, who was with Cusack again in the King film Cell.

Thomas Jane (Three Appearances)

Thomas Jane in The Mist — Courtesy of Dimension Films

While my favorite Thomas Jane film is still the 2004 version of The Punisher, he has also been in three King films. Three kind of seems to be the magic number doesn’t it? Thomas Jane was in Dream Catcher (with another actor on the list, more on that later) as Henry. Then in the emotionally charged film version of The Mist. Most recently, Jane can be seen in Netflix original film 1922 based on a short story by Stephen King.

Morgan Freeman (Two Appearances)

Morgan Freeman in The Shawshank Redemption — Courtesy of Warner Bros.

The unmistakable voice of Morgan Freeman can be heard in two King films. He plays a no nonsense Colonel Abraham Curtis alongside Thomas Jane in Dream Catcher.  Before that, he was Andy Dufresne’s friend and mentor Ellis Boyd Redding, “Red” in the Frank Darabont masterpiece,  The Shawshank Redemption.

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We know this is not an in-depth look at all the actors who have appeared in multiple Stephen King films. If we missed any let us know in the comments.