Top 5 scene-stealing supporting performances in horror films

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3. Gregg Henry — Slither

For my money, James Gunn’s Slither is the best horror-comedy of the 21st century. It’s also a film chock full of memorable performances. Nathan Fillion gives a hilarious, beguiling lead performance as Sheriff Bill Pardy, and Michael Rooker delivers what may be a career-best performance as the beleaguered Grant Grant.

Arguably, the most memorable performance in Slither belongs to Gregg Henry as Mayor Jack MacReady (no relation to The Thing’s MacReady). When we are first introduced to Mayor MacReady, he publicly uses the no-no word from Bull Durham in a fit of road rage in the presence of a mother and child. MacReady’s hair trigger temper continues to rear its ugly (i.e. profanely hilarious) head throughout the film, culminating in the classic “Mr. Pibb” meltdown.

Before Slither, Gregg Henry was one of those “that guy” actors—instantly recognizable, but not known by name. After Slither, I never forgot about Gregg Henry, and I always perk up when I see him in something. Henry is always a welcome presence, and he always delivers the goods (his turn in Brian De Palma’s underrated Body Double is also a top notch, scene-stealing performance).