Delusion creator Jon Braver talks upcoming The Blue Blade

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1428 Elm: I have only been to your 2016 show, His Crimson Queen, which I absolutely loved. I have heard that each show always has new elements that weren’t seen in previous adaptations. What can fans and newcomers expect to see this year that may be different from past events? 

JB: This one is truly an adventure for the kid in us all. It’s not out to scare the hell out of anyone, though there are some terrifying moments for sure. This play, however, is more physically demanding so people must be ready to run, climb, squeeze, crawl, hide, sneak and slide. Pretty action oriented all the way through. It is not a straight out horror story as the others were. I really equate it to Raiders of the Lost Ark in that it encompasses emotions from the entire spectrum.

1428 Elm: The Great Company is partnering with Delusion for  The Blue Blade but this isn’t your first collaboration with them. What has it been like to work with them and what aspect of the show will they be focusing mostly on?

JB: There will never be enough good things to say about Carl Choi and The Great Company. We did a sort of “mini-Delusion” last Fall for Fox Home Entertainment called Horror Rewind. We tested the waters and they were soothing and warm all over! As of now, GreatCo will be helping to produce the live theater aspect of Delusion.

1428 Elm: You have The Blue Blade coming this Fall and the VR Experience following shortly thereafter. I know it might be silly to ask since you are already so busy, but do you have any other projects you are working on that you can discuss for the future? 

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JB: I helped my daughter build a treehouse in Minecraft. Does that count? Hell yes it does! Oh… you meant… got it. GreatCo and the entire Delusion team will be remounting some or all of the previous plays throughout the years and in different locations. For now, besides this beast of a show The Blue Blade, I am focusing on writing and directing the Delusion Universe of stories into various mediums with Skybound Entertainment. Our first project was the VR series and the next we shall see. But mark my words Delusionals… there will be a Delusion TV series one day! No idea when…but it will happen or may god strike me where I….

1428 Elm: And then Jon disappears, presumably struck down by god… With that said, thank you so much for your time today Jon, we look forward to experiencing The Blue Blade this Fall! 

Tickets for

The Blue Blade

are now on sale and can be purchased at

. Due to the popularity, you will want to get tickets quickly as past shows have sold out.

The Blue Blade

will run from Sept. 20 through Dec. 16.

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