Director Rob Zombie teases 31 Part 2 on Instagram?


Yesterday, Rob Zombie posted a photo on Instagram with the mysterious caption, “I wonder what happens next?” with #rz31. Could he be hinting at another chapter?

“I’m not crazy. I’m in control.” – Doom Head

31 – The Next Chapter

Yesterday on Instagram, Rob Zombie posted a photo of his wife, Sheri Moon Zombie, and Richard Brake with an interesting caption, “I wonder what happens next?” He followed that up with #rz31. After the tweet went out on Twitter, fans became very curious and hopeful that the director was planning a sequel.

31 is an acquired taste. The consensus is split on whether or not it’s a good effort or a bad one. Released in 2016, the movie tells the story of five carnival workers who are held hostage in the frightening “Murderworld.”

In order to survive, all of the workers have to play an exceptionally violent game known as “31.” The idea is to see who can hold out for 12 hours with a gang of sadists dressed like clowns.

The workers are armed so if they can outlive the “Heads” (killer clowns) they will gain their freedom. Of course, this is a Rob Zombie film we are talking about so you can tell things are going to get really bloody and gory pretty fast.

Welcome to the Gore Show

Malcolm McDowell plays Father Murder, who is sort of like the master of ceremonies for this evening of hell. Sheri Moon Zombie, Jeff Daniel Phillips and Meg Foster are just some of the well-known names in the acting ensemble.

However, Richard Brake as Doom-Head is clearly the standout. In this particular scene, he terrorizes the man he’s about to murder by explaining what he’s going to do almost in a story type fashion. What happens next will stay with you for days.

We will update on the status of a potential 31 sequel as soon as it is made available.

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