Smooth operator: Top 10 Ash Williams pickup lines

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Infatuated Ash – Courtesy of STARZ

Ash Williams is a smooth operator when it comes to charming the pants off the ladies. Here are my top ten pickup lines from the “aging lothario.”

“To get chicks, don’t use a pick-up line. Don’t use any pick-up lines.” – Bruce Campbell

Ash Has Skills

So, when I decided to put this list together I wanted to find pickup lines that were unique. We all know about “Gimme some sugar, baby” and “Hail to the King.” Frankly, I am over them.

To me, Ash became more interesting as a character when Bruce Campbell was in his 50’s or the Ash vs Evil Dead era, if you prefer. He was more complex and that equates to a certain mystique. At times, Ash can be an inappropriate idiot but there are flashes of charisma.

What makes these lines effective is the way that Campbell says them. Couple that with his facial expressions and that glint in his eye, it’s a winning combination.

Now, these weren’t necessarily successful lines but they left an impression. Points given for creativity. Maybe under the right circumstances they would be effective, just saying.

Without further ado, let’s do this!

Too Hot to Handle

Would You Like Me to String Your Racquet – Courtesy of STARZ

1. “Would You Like Me to String Your Racquet?”

In S01-E06 (The Killer of Killers), Ash uses this line on Nancy the waitress because he can’t pay $22.89 for the breakfast that he and the Ghostbeaters consumed. After telling her that his good hand has become “extra sensitive” he lays that line on her.

It is obvious that she isn’t falling for it but Ash gives it the old college try. For sheer ingenuity, this is my ultimate pickup line.

Save Those Cuffs Baby – We’ll Use Them Later – Courtesy of STARZ

2. “Save Those Cuffs, Baby. We’ll Use Them Later.”

Fire in the Hole (S01-E07) offered a glimpse into the budding relationship between Ash and Detective Amanda Fisher (Jill Marie Jones). After a harrowing fight with Deadite Clem in a militia bunker, the two who are handcuffed together make it out alive.

After Fisher removes the cuffs, Ash turns to her and speaks the line. He is straightforward and not flirtatious. Directness and the ability to get to the point can definitely be intriguing.

Care to Join Me – Courtesy of STARZ

3. “Care to Join Me?”

This gem comes from the brilliant pilot episode, El Jefe. Williams is trying to woo this chick at the bar so he tells her some fabricated story about losing his hand while saving a little boy from certain death from a train.

Then he asks her if she would like to join him in getting blackout drunk. Of course, they end up in the bathroom having “illicit sex” (Bruce Campbell’s term).

You Never Really Could Have Had Me Anyway – Courtesy of STARZ

4. “You Never Really Could Have Had Me Anyway.”

Ash does a very unwise thing. He tries to pull some moves on Kelly Maxwell (Dana DeLorenzo) in El Jefe. He says this bit of dialogue issuing her a challenge while giving her that hard-to-get, I-don’t-care vibe thinking it could be a prelude to a more favorable future encounter.

Well, this is Kelly we are talking about after all. What does he get for his trouble, his face slammed down on the counter. Definitely not fruitful but memorable none the less.

Maybe Nurse Ratchet Needs a Little Injection from Dr. Groovy, What Do You Say- Courtesy of STARZ

5. “Maybe Nurse Ratchet Needs a Little Injection from Dr. Groovy, What Do You Say?”

Delusion (S02 E07) is one of my favorite Ash vs Evil Dead episodes. This is really a tour de force for Bruce Campbell. He owns every bit of dialogue and scene that he is in.

After a particularly spicy round of electro-shock therapy, Ash is out of it and just staring at the television in the community room of the asylum. He happens to spy Ruby or a nurse that looks strikingly like her.

Wheeling over to where she is feeding a patient, he tries to see if it is her. When the nurse shoots him down, he commends her for staying in character and then suggests that when they get out of the current situation they are in, they could role play.

At that juncture, he drops the line. The result is definitely not desirable because the nurse lets him know in no uncertain terms that she will kick his ass if he pursues her.