Resident Evil 2 HD: Capcom manager talks how game differs from original


The upcoming Resident Evil 2 HD Remaster is erupting the gaming world into a frenzy and now we’re getting details on how it differs from the ’98 original.

Resident Evil 2 fans are in for a real treat come next January…

Yesterday, we let you Raccoon City warriors know the new Resident Evil 2 HD Remaster is more of a reimagining than a remake. Bringing Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield into the modern era, Capcom’s promising a unique experience for those who played to original classic countless times. But for fans wondering exactly what’s coming, we’re getting word on just how different the two titles will be.

Here’s what Mike Lunn, Capcom’s brand manager, is saying about the new RE 2 HD in an interview with Gamingbolt:

"“There is a part where you’re walking through the police station, and a lurker walks by the window. In the original game that happens every single time. We don’t include that because of the jumpscares, the puzzles, and because we want you to be challenged by that stuff. We want you to be scared by that stuff, not just repositioned to a new part of the building, but sort of reimagined. Because we don’t want you to know exactly how the puzzles are solved, we don’t want you to know exactly where the enemies are going to be. We want to surprise you. So, we have changed things a bit. But on the whole, the main idea, the main arcs of the story are very similar. But there are going to be some new surprises in there as well.”"

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Thanks Capcom, you’re about to make this guy extremely happy…

After announcing the game three years ago, more details began emerging at the recent E3 event. Sparking universal excitement from fans, it’s safe to say Resident Evil 2 HD will be one of next year’s hottest selling titles. In fact, I’m thinking the game will be sitting in the top five for at least six months. I mean, who’s buying other titles when returning to Raccoon City will be so addicting?

To claim your copy of Resident Evil 2 HD, visit Best Buy and Amazon. The game’s coming in standard and deluxe versions, although details on the deluxe are still under wraps. Get ready to save Raccoon City all over again as the horror hit returns Jan. 25, 2019.

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