Dexter episode 105 – Love American Style – flashback review


In “Love American Style,” Dexter seeks relationship advice from unlikely sources — the married couple who are his latest victims!

“She has no clue who she’s with. Maybe that’s the key to a successful relationship.” — Dexter Morgan, on his relationship with Rita

When Dexter first began, it was already a pretty complex show. However, we learned that Dexter (Michael C. Hall) is skilled at leading multiple lives. He knows how to clean up his crime scenes and spins narratives to conceal his “Dark Passenger.” It also doesn’t hurt that he feels somewhat justified in what he does, being a vigilante-style killer. This doesn’t mean he’s never in danger.

When Tony Tucci (Brad William Henke) is asked to give details about the Ice Truck Killer, it’s risky for our main anti-hero. Dex had tracked the kidnapped Tucci at the abandoned hospital, and placed the anonymous call about the man’s whereabouts. Still, this revelation probably wouldn’t make Dexter a hero. What if Tucci recognizes Dex somehow? How would Dex explain his presence at the hospital?

Fortunately for Dex, Tucci doesn’t recognize him, and instead leads Miami PD on a search for throat lozenge wrappers. When Vince Masuka (C. S. Lee) finds the wrapper, it’s a nice breakthrough for the investigation. Also, because the partial fingerprints aren’t Dexter’s, it’s a sigh of relief for the audience — who most likely are on Dex’s side.

Missing Persons/Meet the Castillos

Sometimes a “project” falls right into Dexter’s lap. In this case, his girlfriend Rita (Julie Benz) has a co-worker whose illegal immigrant fiancé is missing. She urges Dexter to have police look into it, but she unwittingly puts him on the case. This brings Dex to Jorge Castillo (José Zúñiga), a salvage yard owner who Dex suspects of people smuggling.

His suspicions are right, after verifying them through a quick investigation. Castillo’s game is pretty straightforward: If the immigrants can’t pay extra money for their “freedom,” they get killed. Dex knows an opportunity when he sees one, so he immediately plans retribution. However, he is interrupted by Jorge’s wife, Valerie (Valerie Dillman). When he realizes they work together, it becomes a two-for one special!

Dexter, courtesy of Showtime

Love Advice from Human Traffickers

Before Dex kills the Castillos, he takes the opportunity to ask them about their relationship. Moral failings aside, the couple appears to actually care about each other. They tell each other, “I love you” as Dex prepares to add them to his slide collection.

The exchange goes like this:
Dexter Morgan: How do you love each other? You’re like me, you make it work. How?
Jorge Castillo: We want the same life.
Valerie Castillo: We want the same thing.
Dexter Morgan: You share the same dream?
Valerie Castillo, Jorge Castillo: Yes that’s it.
Dexter Morgan: That’s, uh, helpful. Thank you.

Then he stuffs their mouths with cotton and gets to work!

The Eye in the Trunk

The episode’s big reveal? While Dex was freeing some captives and exacting vengeance on the Castillos, someone was watching the whole thing from inside the trunk of a car. It is definitely an interesting story development, and demonstrates that Dexter isn’t perfect. No matter how meticulous he plans things, there’s always a chance he’ll get caught. This is, if nothing else, another reminder of why you shouldn’t become a serial killer, people! Even if you have a Dark Passenger, there’s always a possible watchful eye. It’s ready, willing and able to take you down. So don’t travel this lonely, twisted road!

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