SDCC: Jamie Lee Curtis mentions #MeToo movement in Halloween panel


With Laurie Strode set for an all-out battle with Michael Myers, Jamie Lee Curtis is talking character growth in Halloween’s SDCC panel.

Halloween features one of the strongest women in storytelling…

With Halloween joining the festivities at the ongoing San Diego Comic-Con, fan in attendance got a brilliant panel featuring Jamie Lee Curtis and Director David Gordon Green. While presenting new footage, the horror icon began discussing how Laurie Strode’s return, which couldn’t have come at a better time, is reflecting society’s current climate.

Here’s what Curtis, who returns to the franchise after 16 years, is saying about the upcoming Blumhouse film reflecting the #MeToo movement:

"“A random act of violence stayed with her for 40 year. She never had mental health services, they sent her back to school, she carried the trauma and the PTSD to this day. What they are honoring today, is that trauma, you say I am not my trauma. The narrative of my life is not that I am a victim. She is taking back the legacy of my life and you don’t own me anymore.And that, weirdly enough, that seems to be a thing that is a theme in the world – I know you are nerds – but if you watched the ESPYS and saw those strong women stand on the stage so that that MF rots in prison. Those women are saying you do not control my narrative. That is why I am here, because this character is taking back her narrative.”"

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I love how woman are taking back power from disgusting men and unforgettable terrors….this October is going to be the best month yet.

Throughout the course of horror, women have been a beacon of power and strength. While many females lose their lives in the genre, it’s always women who stand tall against evil. With many men falling due to the recent #MeToo movement, and rightfully so, women everywhere are finding strength to fight off culprits of danger — just like heroines of horror. And this October, Laurie Strode rejoins the battle.

Halloween stars Jamie Lee Curtis, Andi Matichak and Judy GreerDavid Gordon Green directs a screenplay from Green, Danny McBride and Jeff FradleyBlumhouse Productions produces, with Universal Pictures distributing. Michael Myers returns for more tricks Oct.19, 2018.

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