Evil Dead II: Dead by Dawn getting the 4K Steelbook treatment


After decades as the best horror comedy in film history, Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead II: Dead by Dawn is coming home in a stunning 4K Steelbook from Zavvi.

Evil Dead fans, the franchise is getting some new steel….

Now available for pre-order, Deadites are getting a new version of Evil Dead II: Dead by Dawn. Coming from Zavvi, the 1987 classic is arriving in a stunning 2-disc 4k Blu-ray encased in an even more stunning Steelbook. Hitting shelves Oct. 29, it’s packed with a deadly amount of features and new cover art by artist Anthony Petrie highlighting some of the masterpiece’s best moments. The Steelbook runs $33.99 and is Region B locked, meaning Deadites in the US won’t be able to play it without a region free player. Ready to get undead?

Grab a chainsaw while checking out the stunning cover art and features below:

Evil Dead II: Dead by Dawn Steelbook — Courtesy of Zavv

DISC 1 :

  • The movie
  • Audio commentary with Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell, Scott Spiegel and Greg Nicotero

DISC 2 :

52min bonus about the influence of the movie on famous directors (Guillermo Del Toro, etc.)

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While this marks maybe 20th reissue of the timeless Sam Raimi classic, this is possibly the best release yet. Not only does the Blu-ray come with unforgettable artwork, this is the first time the film is coming in 4K. Which means, of course, we’ll see even more of the best horror comedy ever made. Just think about it? The scene when Ash (Bruce Campbell) is fighting his own hand will now be crystal clear and better than ever. Tell me that doesn’t sound worth another double dip?

To pre-order your 4K Evil Dead II Steelbook, head on over to Zavvi. Just make sure you don’t run into any Deadites on the way….the woods are filling up.

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Fan of Evil Dead II: Dead By Dawn? Picking up this brilliant Steelbook? Let the other Deadites know what you think in the comment section below.