Todd and the Book of Pure Evil gets added to Shudder!!!


In an unexpected turn of events, Todd and the Book of Pure Evil was added to Shudder in an impressive and surprising move from the streaming service.

There was once a channel on cable that I paid $5 extra a month just to have. It fed my horror addiction for movies and had shows on there you couldn’t get anywhere else. Fear Net was special for me. It was where I got my dose of Holliston and Todd and the Book of Pure Evil.

Fear Net has since gone under, which is a huge shame since Holliston Season 3 is in the works and I’m still not sure where it’s going to be. Todd and the Book of Pure Evil found a home on Netflix even though it was cancelled after two seasons on a cliffhanger (which I will never forgive). While I have both shows on DVD, it’s always nice to have a place to stream.

Well, gird your loins, cause Todd and the Book of Pure Evil is now on Shudder!!!!

I didn’t see the tweet that announced it because I’m a failure at Twitter and as I went to watch Joe Bob Briggs’s  The Last Drive In, something caught my eye. I didn’t believe it at first, but there it was…in all of its heavy metalin’, pot smokin’, dick monsterin’, random musicalin’, Book of Pure Evilin’, Atticus Murphyin’ glory. GOD I love this show.

Image courtesy of Space/Aircraft Pictures

For those of you not blessed by the fires of heavy metal Hell that don’t know this show, it follows Todd (Alex House), Curtis (Bill Turnbull), Hannah B (Melanie Leishman). and Jenny (Maggie Castle) as they try to track down the Book of Pure Evil that will release the Pure Evil One and create Hell on earth, all the while trying to thwart the mostly incompetent Atticus Murphy Jr. (Chris Leavins), the best-worst villain in the land.

One of the best episodes is the second season when, for the second time, the book makes everyone sing everything. The music is toe-tappin’ good and it’s just a really good episode. Jason Mewes (Mr. Jay of the Jay and Silent Bob variety) plays the janitor/ladies man that acts as the wise old sage helping the kids out.

If you watch this show for one thing, watch it for the character Atticus Murphy Jr. Chris Leavins made this character one of my favorite of all time…in anything. You like him, you hate him, he’s an idiot, he’s hilarious but you also feel sorry for him. And his character development over the two seasons is perfect. He starts as a hilarious character and just improves over time. Love me some Atticus Murphy Jr.”

As I said before, it was cancelled on a cliffhanger which I was forever pissed at. But, we did get an animated full movie that set to remedy that, so at least they didn’t forget about us fans. If you have a subscription to Shudder, watch Todd and the Book of Pure Evil; f only for the jokes, the gross monsters and Mr. Murphy. It’ll make you say, “Sweet mother of Satan!” Nice.