Ruin Me: A confusing tale with some horror thrown in for good measure


Slasher films are a dime dozen. Who can’t get enough of watching groups of teens or 20 somethings losing their heads (pun intended) when realizing their situation is no longer a game?

Ruin Me is still a title I can’t quite wrap my head around as sensible. The movie, however, was much better than expected but still not that enjoyable. It starts off slow and becomes weird before I realized what was happening and that wasn’t until the end of the film. The premise centers around six horror fans taking their horror experience to another level, in Slasher Sleepout.

The Host (not the Korean horror film) played by Rocky Rector first arrives on the scene to get the players on their way. After a weird interaction, the players are kidnapped and taken to a remote location in the middle of the woods. As they search and try to solve clues, they are stalked and begin to die in true horror fashion, one by one.

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At some point, as you’re watching, it seems that Alex, played by Marcienne Dwyer, is slowly losing her mind. It’s as though quasi-hallucinations seem to pop in and out when she encounters something traumatic. After a while, I couldn’t tell if Alex was really crazy, someone was trying to drive her crazy or if what they were experiencing was real. It didn’t help that the other Sleepers really aren’t much help as they bring their own list of demons to this horror soiree. As usual, no one believes the hysterical girl and they brush off her warnings as fear.

I cannot even bring myself to tell you how all over the place Ruin Me was. It was as though they purposely tried to confuse you as a viewer and in turn, confused themselves instead. Don’t get me wrong, the idea of the movie was good and I do enjoy a bit of a mystery in what I watch. I mean who likes solving the case before it’s even begun, right? But come on, even at the end when I thought I knew what was happening, wasn’t really happening at all. This was just too misterioso (mysterious)!

Ruin Me, in my opinion, is one of those films you watch once and then you move on trying to forget it. It’s worth checking out but don’t expect much. When you do, let me know if you agree with me or not. Until next time, Auf Wiedersehen!

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