The Basement film review: Step into The Gemini’s kill room


Today we’re reviewing Brian M. Conley’s The Basement, an indie horror film about a serial killer called The Gemini and his sadistic murder spree.

Killers and slasher flicks need to have their own kinda schtick that makes them stand out from the rather usual ho-hum we come to expect. Some make it by being completely silent yet brutal (Jason Voorhees – Michael Myers) and others tend to talk you to death and make you want to slash(er) your own throat (Freddy Krueger – Chucky – Patrick Bateman).

So, with that being said, getting myself sucked into The Basement at first seemed like it was going somewhere, then nowhere. But by the end, I think I found where I needed to be and so will you.

The Gemini Killer played by Jackson Davis, is terrorizing the San Fernando Valley area by kidnapping and murdering his victims by decapitation. But no, not with just some rusty old ax or piano wire made into a garrote. Nope, he uses a blowtorch for the job. A BLOWTORCH!

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Out on the hunt, the Gemini finds his next victim in Craig, played by Cayleb Long, who is taken while at the store. After some time Craig awakens tied to a chair, in the basement of the killer. Giving him credit, it does take him quite some time throughout his ordeal before he finally realizes the poop he’s in. But before the fun begins, Craig is subjected to numerous characters and atrocities throughout the ordeal, all played by the Gemini.

If anyone remembers the movie Otis, and his affinity for calling his victims “Kim”; the Gemini killer is pretty much the same in that aspect, except his multiple characters call Craig, Billy. At first, you don’t really understand what’s going on until more characters begin to emerge. It was as though the killer was reliving some happy and sad times throughout his life.

Each one brought something different to the table and you then get a sense that maybe these were multiple personalities. As these personalities are introduced, Craig does his best to play up to them and try to use them to his advantage for escape. The only problem is that the Gemini isn’t as mental as he believes and it all plays out to a wondrous twist in the end.

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In my opinion, this movie does have some promise, but it takes nearly the whole film to reach that potential. I honestly didn’t like it as much until the plot was explained at the end. Then like snow, it melted on me. But you make your own summation and watch The Basement, then let me know if you agree or not. Until then, Auf Wiedersehen.