Halloween: Which Michael Myers sequel is the worst in Haddonfield?


After the original John Carpenter classic, the Halloween series gave fans a multitude of sequels varying in quality. But which is the absolute worst?

The Halloween series features some arguably sub-par sequels….but which is the worst?

When Sequel’s Slash

Throughout the last four decades, sequels have been the lifeblood of horror. While originals begin every series, subsequent films always create lasting appeal — the Halloween series is no different. And although some Michael Myers installments are better than others, the franchise has one apple nastier than others. But which is the absolute worst sequel in Haddonfield?

Is it Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers with its infamous multiple versions? Or maybe Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later infusing scary elements with a then-teen WB vibe? Then there’s Halloween: Resurrection, featuring an underrated protagonist but so many problems the Boogeyman could take out all of Illinois before going through them all? No, I think the real worst sequel continues getting revenge to this every day — on our intelligence.

Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers — Courtesy of Trancas International Films

A Return To Form

After the horrible failure of Halloween III Season of the Witch, the horror series returns with a bang. Bringing Michael Myers back from the dead — and Dr. Loomis with him — Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers sets the box-office on fire while bringing Haddonfield back. With it’s simplistic roots, the sequel does everything right. But as any fear fan knows, when they make money, they make more.

When Michael Gets Revenge, We Lose

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Debuting in October of 1989, Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers is by far the worst sequel featuring the Shape. With a hammed telekinetic story, the film is the epitome of awful. Delivering the worst take on Loomis, only outmatched by Rob Zombie terrible Halloween 2, Revenge is mind-numbing in its half assed pursuits of scares.

On top of Loomis, the film features, but isn’t limited to, these vomit-inducing decisions: taking an antagonist and making her an inactive side-storyline (mute Jamie brings me to tears), killing of one of the most likable characters in the series and replacing her with one of the most annoying, stupid clown-like sound effects for cops as if the film’s a Meatballs sequel, and an insane Loomis consumed with hurting people instead of helping them….oh I mentioned Sam already? Good god this movie is terrible.

Fortune Follows Fear

Rushing the movie out only a year after the fourth outing, Revenge’s quality is exemplified in the numbers. Although Return made $17.7 millions from $5 million, its follow-up only brings in $11.6 million on around the same budget. Even though money isn’t always a testament to the quality, it’s overwhelming proof here. I mean, people love Halloween candy but if after reaching into the bag they find penny’s and dried fruit, there’s a good chance they’ll put the bag down.

But this is just one hardcore fan’s opinion. What is your least favorite Michael Myers sequel?

This has been another edition of Myers Monday. We’ll see you Smith’s Grove Inmates next week in Haddonfield.

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