The Night Eats The World: A review of the bloody bitter end


The Night Eats The World is one of the best zombie film hitting the genre recently and we’re here to tell you why it’s must see.

I remember going my ex-girlfriends house to get my stuff after we broke up. When I get there she is having a party (probably to celebrate our breakup) and in turn, I ended up drinking a little too much. I fell asleep in the room my stuff was in and when I awoke, everyone was gone and there was chaos on the streets.

Okay, so that really didn’t happen to me, but in The Night Eats The World it does happen to Sam played by Anders Danielsen Lie. This French, zombie nightmare directed by Dominique Rocher tells the tale of a man alone with only himself, his thoughts and his ingenuity.

The story takes place in an apartment building overlooking Paris. Throughout the film, you get the scope of Sam’s loneliness with the overhead shots you see of him on the rooftop, the background scenery of other buildings and the Eiffel Tower itself.

Thinking he’s the only survivor, he begins going through rooms gathering supplies, as well as cleansing some of those still running around in their re-animated bodies. Sam does his best to occupy his mind by cleaning up, playing the drums and listening to some recorded voices. He even makes friends with and talks to a former tenant (now a zombie) stuck in the elevator. But at some point, Sam does slowly lose his mind.

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What I enjoyed about The Night Eats The World is that it takes you on a journey, and when you get to your destination, you’re not left alone trying to figure out how to get back. Sam’s attempts at staying sane are commendable and you see that even the little silly things he does are noteworthy. I also liked that when he did snap, it’s unnoticeable until the end.

I couldn’t really tell you how much time has expired since Sam woke up or how long he was in the building. But given the idea that his mental stability has slipped, it’s either because years we don’t see have passed, or he was already on the brink of a nervous breakdown before all this happened.

The Night Eats The World is the type of film I need to watch a couple more times, simply because there is so much going on inside Sam’s head and I want to crack it open. Definitely, do not miss this film and tell me what you guys think about it. Until then, Auf Wiedersehen.

The Night Eats The World is now available on streaming services everywhere from  Blue Fox Entertainment.

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