Five fangtastic vampire films you need to see ASAP!

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David Bowie and Catherine Deneuve as the hippest vampires of the 80’s in Tony Scott’s “The Hunger”. Courtesy of MGM

1. The Hunger (1983)

This film deserves a mention simply for the club scene in which Peter Murphy of the band Bauhaus sings “Bela Lugosi’s Dead”. That being said, I oftentimes consider this to be perhaps THE most goth movie of all time.

Highly stylized, as the late Tony Scott was wont to do in almost all of his films, it is by far one of the best glamorizations of the vamp life. Catherine Deneuve is an incredibly wealthy musician/music teacher, Miriam Blaylock, who also happens to be a vampire almost as old as the world itself. The one and only late great David Bowie stars as her husband, John. They have been together for centuries.

The problem is, John discovers he has a very advanced form of progeria (the disease that ages the body far rapidly than it should). Susan Sarandon stars as Sarah Roberts, a young medical researcher who doesn’t believe Mr. Blaylock’s claims. Miriam may have her sights set on Sarah as her next victim.

A very dark romantic film, The Hunger  still manages to pull no punches, while still dripping in style from beginning to end. Made in 1983 (my birth year!), it may seem a little dated, but I still love it a lot. You can watch The Hunger on Amazon instant video now!