Five fangtastic vampire films you need to see ASAP!

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My favorite gang of Kiwi vampires, and Stu, from Taika Waititi’s “What We Do In The Shadows” – via Paramount

4. What We Do in the Shadows (2014)

Okay, here is where I will try very hard not to be pedantic. A large part of me is internally screaming “HOW CAN THERE BE ANYONE ALIVE WHO HASN’T SEEN AND LOVED THIS MOVIE YET?!? WHAT KIND OF WORLD IS THIS?!?!”

Okay, deep breath, and moving on. This film is an absolute comedy masterpiece. If you (somehow and once again OHMYGOD) haven’t seen this film, and you have seen Thor: Ragnarok, you have seen hilarious and exceedingly skilled New Zealander director Taiki Waititi in action.

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This film is about a veritable coven of vampires living in a single ramshackle flat in New Zealand. Shot documentary style, What We Do In The Shadows follows the every-night comings and goings of Viago (Waititi), Vladislav (fellow New Zealander and Flight Of The Concords alum Jermaine Clements), Deacon (Jonathan Brugh; Mega Time Squad), Nick (Cori Gonzalez-Macuer; Eagle Vs. Shark ), and the Nosferatu-ish Petyr (Ben Fransham; Ash Vs. Evil Dead).

All the actors in this film have brilliant performances, especially Clement and Waititi. Despite not being a “traditional”  vampire film, the blood and gore is not played down simply because the dialogue is funny. If anything, this film leads you to believe that vampires are real people, who just happen to be dead and able to fly.

I’m elated to report that What We Do In The Shadows has been adapted to a television series, directed by and starring Waititi as well as the rest of the (surviving) cast. It is in post-production now and you can count on me to let you know when more information becomes available!

You can watch What We Do In The Shadows on Amazon Prime Video for free if you are an Amazon Prime member!!