Ash Wednesday: 10 favorite My Name Is Bruce moments

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The Legend of Guan Di

The Legend of Guan Di – Courtesy of Dark Horse Entertainment

Ben and Butch McCain are the two gents in the very first frame of the movie serenading us with their guitars and a catchy little tune called, “The Legend of Guan Di.” They also happened to pen the number as well.

Trust me, this ditty will stay in your head for days. As a matter of fact, I am singing it right now. The two brothers almost function like a modern day Greek chorus.

They give us the history of the town and appear as human title cards to signify when one scene is ending and another is beginning. It is a clever device that Verheiden and Campbell have employed.

Cave Alien 2

Cave Alien 2 picture – Courtesy of Dark Horse Entertainment

Where to begin, well, Bruce is starring in a B movie called Cave Alien 2 which feels suspiciously like the Josh Becker directed Sci-Fi network hit, Alien Apocalypse. Doing his best Charlton Heston impression, he chews scenery and intonates dialogue like “Damn it! We’re surrounded!” with gravitas.

This incarnation of Campbell is a diva d. bag and isn’t above demanding lemon water from the already hassled Production Assistant. After informing him that they are out of his beverage, Bruce goes on a little tirade which causes the P.A. to relieve himself into a bottle….and you can see where this gag is headed.

Juvenile? Yes. Funny in a cringeworthy way, most definitely!

Drunk Dialing

Drunk Dialing – Courtesy of Dark Horse Entertainment

Lamenting the pitiful state of his career and life after seeing a “Where Are They Now?” type program on television, Campbell starts going on a bender. Totally wasted, he decides to ring up his ex, Cheryl portrayed by Ellen Sandweiss. Brilliant, isn’t it?

There are some priceless moments in their exchanges. When Bruce inquires as to how things got so messed up between them, Cheryl replies, “You slept with the dog sitter, Bruce.”

To which Campbell says, “One lousy mistake.” As his ex is quick to point out, all twelve of them. The chemistry between the two former Evil Dead alumni is palpable. It is a real pleasure to see the two of them trade comedic barbs.

Holding Out for a Hero

Holding Out for A Hero – Courtesy of Dark Horse Entertainment

When Campbell meets the townsfolk of Gold Lick for the first time, he alternates between swagger, bluster and anger. Demanding answers to why he was kidnapped, he lets everyone know that they committed a “crime against art.”

Upon seeing Kelly Graham (Grace Thorsen) who catches his eye with a slow-mo hair toss, he saunters over to her and delivers the following line. “Consider yourself officially exempt from my wrath, sweet cakes. If you’re lucky, a little later I’ll let you play with my boomstick.”

Now that is a pickup line.

Let’s Dance

Let’s Dance – Courtesy of Dark Horse Entertainment

While having a meal before his date with Guan Di to save the town, Campbell is tangling with Kelly verbally and then physically. The pair decide to dance and that was probably a mistake.

Imagine the Three Stooges meets Urban Cowboy and you have an accurate depiction of how this duo with two left feet operates. In between knocking over tables and each other, they end up falling in love.