Ash Wednesday: 10 favorite My Name Is Bruce moments

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Walking after Midnight

Walking after Midnight – Courtesy of Dark Horse Entertainment

After their attempt at Footloose, Bruce and Kelly decide to go for a walk around Gold Lick. The moonlight is lending itself to a potentially romantic situation. As they make that small “getting to know one another” talk, Campbell tries to pull a move on her.

Unfortunately for him, she stops his wandering hand and the citizens of the town thwart his attempt at a lip lock. In exasperation, he tells the Mayor, “For the love of God, I can smell her chapstick.”

Bruce on the Run

Bruce on the Run – Courtesy of Dark Horse Entertainment

The whole trying to vanquish Guan Di was a disaster and now Bruce finds himself on the lam from the townsfolk. In an effort to escape, he steals a bike from a kid who tells him, “McHale’s Navy sucked.”

Then he throws an old lady out of her car along with her cat. She screams at him, “You were the worst thing about Moon Trap.” Campbell is a bona fide jerk but what makes this activity laugh out loud funny is the fact that they insult him with his movies.

Good Bruce vs Evil Bruce

Good Bruce vs Evil Bruce – Courtesy of Dark Horse Entertainment

This is a popular convention that Bruce has done a million times. Wrestling with the good and bad side of his characters is old hat for this actor. The dilemma for him is to save Kelly’s son Jeff from tangling with Guan Di or to not do anything and stay safe.

Of course, we see the physical manifestations of this struggle, a devil and an angel perched on Campbell’s shoulders arguing. The back and forth dialogue is highly entertaining and the actor’s reactions to their arguments are amusing.

I’m Not a Sex Machine

I’m Not a Sex Machine – Courtesy of Dark Horse Entertainment

Bruce returns to Gold Lick. Once in town, he meets up with Kelly again to apologize to her. Trying to convince her that he is a new man and win her over with sincerity he tells her, “I’m not a sex machine like all those shallow Hollywood types.”

After uttering that phrase, Kasey (Janelle Farber) the singing prostitute that his agent, Mills Toddner (Ted Raimi) hired for his birthday appears yelling, “Hey, mister! You still owe me $100 and we still have to have sex!”

The actor’s flustered reaction and the impeccable timing of that bit of dialogue is enough to cause fits of laughter.

Jump Scare

Jump Scare – Courtesy of Dark Horse Entertainment

At the very end of the film, Bruce is having a screening with his agent Mills and the producer (Mike Richardson) of his movie within a movie. We see his character defeat Guan Di but just as he, Kelly and Jeff are about to leave, the demon rises from the dead to attack them.

This prompts Campbell to remark that the fans deserve better than having the same old ending where the creature was just killed and now it’s back. So, he shows the cut where everything ends on a happy note.

When the lights go up in the house, before Bruce can say anything, Guan Di leaps out of the screen and grabs him. The irony in this last scene is a perfect way to end the movie with tongue firmly planted in cheek.


If you haven’t seen My Name Is Bruce and you dig Campbell’s work, remedy that situation as soon as possible. It is one of his best efforts.

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