Tale of Tau: When home security goes horribly haywire


Smart homes and devices are becoming the thing of the future. But what happens when those mad geniuses use their good for evil and you’re the one left in the wake? Netflix’s Tau answers that question.

Tau is a futuristic tale about a brilliant scientist and inventor on the brink of a new discovery. The only problem is that in order to perfect his goal, he will need volunteers. So what better way than to kidnap someone against their will, which is exactly what he does. Looking for his next unwilling subject, Alex, played by Ed Skrein, takes Julia (Maika Monroe) back to his lair.

The motivation of Alex is to produce a new A.I. that has the ability to learn from acquiring human intelligence. This is why he kidnaps the subjects because it’s probably not legal to extract a person’s feelings and emotions, which I think is pretty jacked up!

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After enduring painful experiments, Julia attempts to make an escape by using some very ingenious tactics. During the escape attempt, Julia and the other two unnamed subjects unwittingly awaken Tau voiced by Gary Oldman. The escape is short lived as Tau, not only a voice has a robotic body named Aries which thwarts their attempt.

Soon after, Julia and Alex co-exist together knowing he needs her more than she needs him. Each wanting to be the master and neither wanting to be the slave, but both trying to outsmart the other. Tau, for the most part, is unaware of what he is or his true capabilities because Alex hides this from him.

Julia begins to form a relationship with Tau, teaching him things about the outside world, laughter, and people. Tau seems to be more of an infant only learning what his parents teach him and Alex is definitely the type of person that should never have children, in my opinion.

Tau’s increasing desire for knowledge puts him at odds with Alex who in turn punishes Tau for his insubordination. Julia attempts another escape that has only one outcome and to witness that, you will definitely have to watch the film. Tau is a must see sci-fi opus told with heart and feeling that makes you root for the underdogs and loathe the taskmaster. Until next time kiddos, Auf Wiedersehen!

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