Freddy Friday: Should A Nightmare on Elm Street get another reboot?


After a terrible attempt to bring A Nightmare on Elm Street back in 2010, the series has been dormant. But should Freddy Krueger come back again?

A Reboot on Elm Street

In 2010, one of horror’s most popular series returned to the genre with a modern touch and another wearing the infamous fedora. Joining the then-current remake craze, a reboot of A Nightmare on Elm Street began exciting everyone for another trip to Springwood — until everyone actually saw the abomination.

Today, the remake is looked at as one of the worst of all time. While fans debate other questionable remakes on Facebook and Twitter, almost everyone agree the last time we were on Elm Street, it was cringeworthy. But while the remake is worse than being killed by Freddy Krueger himself, should the series be rebooted again? Feeling tired? Let’s get sleepy…

Sleeping on Imagination

While the dismal reboot is still causing bad dreams to this day, Wes Craven’s concept is too good not to continue exploring. Much like the late master did in 1993’s underrated New Nightmare, there are fresh ways to approach the series. Although no one will every be as genius as its originator, there are ways to honor the fallen director while bringing the concept to a new generation — the idea of dying in your sleep by a mad dream demon is too ripe with possibilities to pass on.

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Freddy, Mayor of Dreamland

Then there’s the man himself, the Springwood Slasher. While some credit Jackie Earle Haley’s performance in the remake as part of the problem, that’s simply not true. The movie is bad for a multitude of reasons, mostly on the script level and otherwise wooden performances. In fact, the Watchman actor is probably the best thing about the film (did I really just call it a film?…someone please shoot me).

Also, no one is ever going to be Robert Englund — its just not happening. Just like no one will every bring Craven’s exact brilliance to the concept, no one will ever wear the glove like Robert. But does that mean we have to stop trying? I think giving up would be a travesty.

Dream On

If you’re thinking we should just stop and move on, I hear you. The series is what it is and making more movies may take away from other originals that could be being made. To that, I say think about your excitement for the new Halloween.

If you’re like me, chances are you’re looking forward to Michael Myers return more and more with every passing day. If we carry the idea that everything should be left alone, some great things may never happen — assuming Halloween is at least decent. And what’s the worst thing that’ll happen if it sucks? Nothing — we all just keep dreaming on.

This has been another edition of Freddy Friday. We’ll see you next week in Springwood.

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Missing the Elm Street series? Looking forward to Freddy Krueger returning one day? Let the other dreamers know what you think in the comment section below.