When Ash Williams dreams does he see Freddy, Chucky and Jason?


Lego Movies Scenes on YouTube decided to ask the question what would Ash Williams have nightmares about? Well, we’re about to find out!

“Well, hello Mr. Fancy Pants!” – Ash Williams

When Legos Dream

Even though I am an adult, I still love Legos. Everything about them just reminds me of fun times in my childhood. However, Lego Movie Scenes on YouTube became curious about Ash Williams. What would he have nightmares about?

Well, this Lego incarnation of the chainsaw handed hero from the sky is about to tangle with Freddy Krueger, Chucky and an entire assortment of the horror genre’s best psychos. In Ash’s little reverie, Chucky grabs a chainsaw and attempts to chop him into bits.

Then if that isn’t bad enough, the little demon doll goes after him with a butcher knife. Ash has his hands full. Then Jason Vorhees shows up as if Williams doesn’t have enough to contend with.

After taking care of the little redheaded brat, now he has to deal with “Ki ki ki, ma ma ma” machete carrying, hockey mask wearing crazy guy. Ash keeps repeatedly shooting him with his boomstick and of course, Vorhees is indestructible. Finally, Williams manages to chop his head off with Jason’s own weapon.

Who’s Screaming Now?

Next up, a phone starts ringing. Ash turns around to see Ghostface standing there. Uh-oh. Those pesky teenage psychopaths can be so annoying. After Ghosty McGhostface slices Williams’ arm, for his troubles he gets blown away.

Of course, Ghosty gets up so Ash revs his trusty chainsaw and slashes him in two. Inside the cabin, Williams hears the strains of “Midnight, the Stars and You.” Turning around slowly, who does he see next? The creepy twins from The Shining.

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It seems like there is no rest for the wicked. Who appears? Jack Torrance with his trusty ax. Ash destroys the phonograph that is playing the 1920’s song and Jackie boy disappears.

But is Williams in the clear? Nope. Chucky is back to torment him. That’s okay. Ash blows his head off a la Henrietta in Evil Dead 2.

The cellar door opens up and instead of the ever present Deadite menace, Williams gets yanked down the stairs by none other than Michael Myers. Wow, this is turning into a Who’s Who of terror.

They punch each other a few times until Ash launches him down a well. At that moment, we hear a creepy version of “Ring Around the Rosie.” Who appears next? None other than Pennywise complete with glowing eyes.

He disappears. Ash is now left alone and he is fighting his own hand. Pennywise reappears and morphs into Cheryl who keeps telling him, “I’m alright now, Ashley. I’m alright.”

Deadites Can’t Be Trusted

In a touching moment, the two siblings embrace only for her to turn full Deadite and chomp on his arm. “Shoot first, think never…” Ash keeps repeating until he wakes up in his own bed. But alas, now it’s time for “One, two, Freddy’s coming for you.”

Thank God, Ash blows him away. What makes this video so interesting and fun to watch is not only are you constantly surprised by who shows up but the expressions on the Ash Williams Lego’s face are hysterical. Now, this makes me wish that Bruce Campbell would get an offer to do voice work in the next Lego movie!

Check this fun little effort out!

When you go to sleep tonight, try not to dream. It could be hazardous to your health!

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