Artist Rickey Williams takes horror figures and makes masterpieces!


Artist Rickey Williams takes NECA and McFarlane Maniacs figures and turns them into brilliant displays of horror art! You have to check this out!

Sacramento based artist, Rickey Williams, has the power to take our classic figures and rework them into breathtaking dioramas that masterfully reflect the macabre moments of our favorite horror franchises. He brings the magic of the movies to life like no other.

Rickey can be found across the Bay Area at various conventions, always showcasing his works of malevolent art for all to see. I can’t imagine the patience it takes him to recreate a gore-splattered butcher’s room where Leatherface works on his newest catch – it’s so detailed I swear you can hear the screams.

I had the fortune of picking up a masterful diorama of Friday the 13th! In mine, Jason has just done what he does best. A severed head is laying in a puddle of blood, a look of shock and terror still freshly expressed on the poor man’s face. Meanwhile, a naked woman is pinned to the wall by a machete. You get the impression some kind of sinful fun was interrupted here. And Jason stands over his violent work proudly and menacing.

Image courtesy of Rickey Williams

Rickey also takes time to re-detail the figures accordingly, thereby adding an extra level of depth (and often gore) to these beautiful figurines that you never knew they needed. But once finished, Williams makes sure you can bring home not just another figure, but a genuine horror trophy to be proudly displayed to the envy of all your friends.

image courtesy of artist Rickey Williams

All of his stuff is incredible, but among them all, I think his crowning achievement is a reproduction of 1428 Elm, the Krueger house itself. Known as the doll this,  it’s a two-sided wonder. On the one side, it is a perfect replica of the front of the house. The windows are all boarded up and there’s a striking air of foreboding over it.

Image courtesy of Rickey Williams

But, and best of all, when you turn it around you have a four piece diorama showing off four rooms. In each of the four you’ll see Freddy taking pleasure in various kills, and, of course, you get victims suffering the wrath of the dream demon. It’s truly impressive!

image courtesy of Rickey Williams

So much so that Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger, Nightmare on Elm St) himself has been in awe over it. His Freddy Doll House is even being featured in an upcoming book by Mick Strawn, Behind The Screams: The Dream Master Revealed all about Nightmare on Elm St Part 4!

Image courtesy of Rickey Williams

Not to mention Rickey Williams does take requests for customs. For example, he made a Leslie Vernon for none other than Nathan Baesel himself. Thanks to this I’m planning to get my very own custom-made MADMAN figure!

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Rickey Williams is a true talent and a proud contributor to the horror community. If you’re someone who collects horror memorabilia you won’t want to miss out on this guy’s work.