Shakespeare’s Shi*tstorm: More insights from Lloyd Kaufman’s latest Tromasterpiece

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Citizen Toxie – Courtesy of Troma

I was also fortunate enough to see Troma Alumnus Doug Sakmann work his special effects magic in the scene of which I mentioned previously. I won’t give too much away except there’s a hint of an homage to The Deer Hunter! Watching Doug has been a lot of fun, but I have yet to see him stand still long enough to talk to him. He’s an excellent director in his own right, so seeing him on set along with Lloyd is really a joy.

Zac Amico, who stars in Return to Nuke Em High and Return to Return to Nuke Em High Aka Vol. 2  deserves a mention i for sure. Not only does he have a wonderful role in the film which I’ll be discussing in more detail in my next piece, but he is the director for the background actors, of which there are MANY. He has such a great positive energy and I think anyone would be lucky to have him on their team.

I also ran into Troma’s favorite scream queen, Debbie Rochon, getting her hair done and as you may or may not know, hairdryers and audio-recordings don’t mix, but look forward to her role in the film, and hopefully I can talk to her soon!

Also on set was Rev. Jen Miller, NYC art star, best known for her role as Electra Elf and most recently for writing and starring in Werewolf Bitches From Outer Space. I knew Rev. Jen through downtown artists/actors Regina Bartkoff’s and Charles Schick’s 292 Gallery where we both performed at the same poetry reading. It’s very interesting how Lloyd knows and Troma attracts such a broad cross-section of people. Look for Rev. Jen as a corporate type which I honestly can’t imagine but am very excited to see on screen.

Speaking of Werewolf Bitches From Outer Space, excellent young filmmaker, producer, and editor Dylan Mars Greenberg (in addition to WWBFOS, she’s directed Dark Prism, Re-agitator: Revenge of The Parody) was on set the day I visited Central Bar & Lounge as well. She informed me that at the age of 17, she was Troma’s youngest in-house editor. Working for Troma for three years forged a bond between she and Lloyd, having him in at least five of her films.

Dylan wasn’t acting on set the day I was there, but I had previously seen her performance in the pivotal Shakespeare’s Shitstorm boat scene which was shot in Alabania when I had visited the first rehearsal. I had an opportunity to speak with her about her role in the film and what she was doing next. Firstly, before I say anything else, Dylan wanted to state that she thinks (producer) John Brennan is a genius, and I have to agree with her. He certainly has some really great ideas and I think the film is benefitted exponentially by his involvement.

I asked Dylan to tell me about her role in Sh*tstorm and here’s what she had to say:

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” I play Trini (Trinculo in The Tempest) who is a very passionate social justice activist whose concern for petty issues often trumps her common sense and leads to disaster for herself and many of the other characters”

Trini is Dylan’s first principal role in an in house Troma production. On the subject of Albania, Dylan says  “Albania was an experience I’ll never forget. It was quite surreal to be in another country for your first ever scenes for the film in a very, very scantily clad outfit and people being a little confused because of the difference of culture.

I definitely think it was a positive experience and it got me out of my bubble and I definitely never forget being covered in (fake) sh*t on a real aircraft carrier in the middle of the ocean in Albania. I’m privileged to work with the crew, they had a lot of things- this was the first Troma film to use a crane since The Toxic Avenger (I was informed later by producer Justin Martell that actually cranes were used in the Avenger sequels, Troma’s War, and Sargeant Kaubkiman NYPD, but I digress). Because things were cheaper in Albania, we were able to have more production value in those scenes and I just saw the rough cut and it looks really great.”

I am incredibly impressed by Greenberg’s career trajectory for being so young, but she is someone who I think will be around for a long time making cool stuff. Regarding her next directorial project, Dylan said “I’m directing a film called Spirit Riser and it stars Cherrie Currie of The Runaways (in this point in the tape I say OH MY GOD, because, c’mon, that is really cool) and it’s narrated by Michael Madsen and it also stars Amanda Flowers who is the star of this film (Flowers plays Prospero’s assistant Ariel), she’s amazing, and Jurgen Azazel Munster, who is in many of my films, and Lloyd Kaufman!”

I will have more info regarding Spirit Riser  within the coming months because I was invited to visit the set for this new film as well. So look forward to more on Dylan Mars Greenberg’s work from me in the future!

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In conclusion of this novella of an article, I continue to be extremely grateful to share these Troma set visits with everyone out there reading. I would also like to mention that the whole team behind Shakespeare’s Shitstorm have been nothing but incredibly kind and accommodating when I visit the set. Stay tuned for more news from Tromaville about Shakespeare’s Shitstorm as the film continues to take shape.