Santa Clarita Diet ups the ante in season two


Join us with the complete Season two recap as Santa Clarita Diet expands its comedic chops with a new twist.

Heads up Z Nation fans, if you have not yet heard the quiet Kaya, a fan favorite, plays Ramona (Ramona Young) a Rite Aid employee in Santa Clarita. Throughout season one she had small parts interacting with the Hammond’s, and now she latches on to Eric (Skyler Gisondo) with an ulterior motive.  Innocent and flattered, Eric begins to date this girl who seems infatuated with him. After spending some time with her they grow intimate and get extremely close in the privacy of her apartment. Soon Eric stumbles upon a dead body and putting two and two together, realizes that she too is a zombie. He calls the only person he can for help, Abby (Liv Hewson), who comes to his rescue. They quickly learn that Ramona was using Eric to get to Shelia (Drew Barrymore) – who she deduced was also a zombie. With everything in the open, Ramona confesses to also throwing up a ball-thingy, only hers has grown legs. Now they are certain that the disease came from weird red clams they ate at a local restaurant, Japopo’s.

Santa Clarita Diet – Red Ball – Courtesy of Netflix

Sheila’s cure, which is not a cure, only a halting of her disease, begins chasing animals for the sport of it and to drain her energy. On the business side of life, Sheila and Joel ( Timothy Olyphant) up their realtor’s game engaging in not so friendly fire with a competing top sales couple. Through the realtor’s grapevine they learn a devolvement will transpire in the exact spot they buried her first kill, Gary (Nathan Fillion). Off they go to move the body only to discover that his detached head is still alive – or more accurately zombified. In their discussion on how to kill the talking head, Gary chimes in that he would like to wrap some things up prior to dying for good. Joel agrees to help him through this difficult time and keeps Gary in his basement as a confidant. Between errands for the living-dead-head and investigating Japopo’s, they find the source of the red clams.

Santa Clarita – Realtors – Courtesy of Netflix

During all this time, Dan-the-dead-crooked-cop’s partner, Anne Garcia (Natalie Morales), has moved in with Eric’s mom. Now she’s collecting clues around the Hammond’s place and putting two and two together.

A much smarter cop than Dan ever was, she follows the Hammond’s out into the desert and accusing them of murdering Dan. Shelia takes a few bullets to save Joel which leads Ann to believe the Sheila is an instrument of God.

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And that’s only a brief run-down. Packed with humor, gore, and intrigue, it’s time to get binging on Santa Clarita Diet Season 2 before the next season begins.