You episode 1 Recap: Hey Joe


The new series YOU, based on the best selling psychological thriller/horror book by Caroline Kepnes aired this past Sunday on Lifetime, after much anticipation. Fans of the book, hopeful that the show would follow its predecessor properly won’t be disappointed.

You episode 1 sticks to the brilliance of the book pretty closely so far. In fact, it wastes no time jumping right into the story.

You episode 1 recap:

Joe Goldberg, our protagonist and narrator is a seemingly normal, handsome guy who runs a book store in New York City. When the beautiful, blonde Beck walks in one day searching for the Paula Fox 70’s novel Desperate Characters, it piques his attention. He’s immediately smitten. But unlike most New York men who stumble upon someone they instantly think they could marry, Joe’s approach will be different. And telling of the narrator we’re getting to know. When Beck decides to pay with a credit card, Joe interprets it specifically as purposeful. She had enough money to pay, but she wanted me to know her name.

And how do we know this? Because Joe’s inner most thoughts and dialogue are on display for the viewers. While most Lifetime movies show us stalkers or killers from the victims point of view, You gives us a seat through the eyes of Joe himself. Something that made the book so interesting and refreshing, and here, does the very same thing.

In You episode 1 we’re introduced to a seemingly charming guy who meets an equally charming girl. If you don’t know better, this looks like it could be a love story. And it is, in some ways. But certainly not a normal one. Although Joe appears sweet, and nice (he treats his young neighbor to the dinner he bought for himself, and helps an older woman with her luggage) Joe is not what he appears. He’s an obsessive stalker who in one episode has tracked down all of Beck’s social media, found her address on Google Maps, watched her during private moments in her home, and even broken into it to wander about. And do some unseemly things in the process.

Clearly not the actions of a sane man. And yet, nothing about Joe appears insane. Not even the inner dialogue we hear, which somehow seems to justify everything with a brilliant, sometimes even logical clarity. Joe doesn’t see himself as a stalker, he sees himself as Beck’s prince charming. She’s an aspiring writer in the city who represents some sad, somewhat tragic female that needs him to swoop in and save her. In Joe’s eyes, he’s a good guy. And sometimes he even does nice things for people. Not your typical, standard villain.

When Joe gets a chance to literally swoop in and save Beck from drunkenly falling onto the train tracks, (because he was following her), his obsession shifts from distant, to up close and personal. Now that they’ve met (again) they can perhaps begin a real relationship. But that certainly doesn’t mean Joe’s stalking and antics will end anytime soon.

As You episode 1 comes to a close, we see one final, crazy act from Joe. In an attempt to thwart who he perceives as his romantic rival, Benji, the jerky hipster Beck is sleeping with, he kidnaps him and locks him in the bookstore’s book cellar.

And how did he do this? Not some messy, random act. No, nothing Joe does is without thought. He pretends to be a journalist interested in Benji’s new sparkling soda company, and lures him out with the promise of coverage.

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Joe is someone who knows how to properly stalk, learn about, and then get to people. And the smoothness in which he does it is what makes You, episode 1 so good. And tells us we’re in for quite a ride.

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