Five groovily fangtastic vampire movies from the ’70s


Get groovy with this list of five vampire movies from the ’70s!

’70s horror wasn’t all about exorcisms and demons, there were plenty of great vampire movies that came from the decade. So here are five of them that are worth your time:

1. House of Dark Shadows (1970)

While I didn’t get a chance to watch Dark Shadows when it first aired, I was lucky that Syfy would air reruns when I was a kid and years after I watched the movie House of Dark Shadows. House of Dark Shadows directed by the creator of the show Dan Curtis, is a “fast” version of the TV series with a little more gore. Barnabas Collins comes back and obsesses over Maggie Evans, the governess of the Collins family. For those who have watched the show know that Victoria Winters was actually the governess.  Anyway, Barnabas wants Maggie because he believes she’s the reincarnation of his lost love Josette.

2. Count Yorga, Vampire (1970) 

Count Yorga, Vampire is total campy fun and one of my own personal favorites from the decade. Robert Quarry played the Count and the director was Bob Kelljan. The story doesn’t take place in Europe, instead it is occurs in Los Angeles and Count Yorga pretends that he’s a mystic!

3. Requiem for a Vampire (1971)

If we are talking about vampires and the ’70s, one can’t forget to mention director Jean Rollins. His sensual vampire movies are cult classics. Requiem for a Vampire is about two girls that get lost in the French countryside and wind up in a chateau with a vampire and his servants.

4. The Vampires Night Orgy (1973)

I’m sure some of you that are reading this are aware of the Millcreek Horror packs and all of the public domain horror movies that they release. That’s how I found out about The Vampires Night Orgy. The movie does have its flaws, but it’s very atmospheric. The Vampires Night Orgy is a trip of hell for a busload of people visiting a small village. They don’t know that the town is completely inhabited by vampires until it’s too late!

5. Dracula (1979) 

It’s safe to say that there are a lot of different Dracula movies out there. Christopher Lee and Bela Lugosi are true icons of the vampire, but Frank Langella shouldn’t be forgotten either. This version of Dracula is very creepy and has a wonderful cast that includes Donald Pleasance, Laurence Olivier, and Kate Nelligan.

These five movies are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to vampire movies from the ’70s. Other notable films include Countess Dracula (1971), Count Dracula (1970), The Night Stalker (1972), Blacula (1972), Blood for Dracula (1974). Salem’s Lot (1979) and Love at First Bite (1979).  

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I want to know what your favorite vampire movie from the 1970s is! Share in the comments on your favorite movie from the decade.