Don Coscarelli could see Bubba Ho-Tep as a television series?


Yesterday at Beyond Fest, Don Coscarelli revealed at his panel discussion for Bubba Ho-Tep that he could see the cult classic as a television series.

Elvis Was at the Egyptian

Don Coscarelli hosted a free screening of his 15-year-old classic horror film, Bubba Ho-Tep yesterday at the Egyptian Theatre as part of Beyond Fest.  In addition to that event, fans could also ask questions of the director and stars Ella Joyce, Reggie Bannister and composer Brian Tyler.

Throughout the course of the panel discussion something interesting came up concerning the movie. According to podcaster Jared Cowan who attended the session, Coscarelli said that he could see Bubba Ho-Tep becoming a television series. You can view his tweet from the festival by clicking here.

Of course, this was a revelation because prior to the panel most of the talk that surrounded the film was about Bubba Nosferatu. Originally, Bruce Campbell was going to participate in the sequel and then he bowed out.

Shortly after the cancellation of Ash vs Evil Dead, the actor took to Twitter to reiterate that he is officially retired from playing Elvis as well.

At one point in the saga, Ron Perlman was going to step into the blue suede shoes with Paul Giamatti portraying Colonel Tom Parker. But much to Coscarelli and Giamatti’s chagrin, that version didn’t materialize either.

An Idea Grows

Two years ago, Crave magazine sat down with Don and asked about the status of the project. Here was the director’s response:

“Thank you so much for asking, though. Because that’s what will eventually get the movie made someday. The fanbase. Look, Elvis is eternal and I hope we can do that. We have a great script. Some people say it would make a better TV series, but I don’t know. The next couple years I hope they try to get something going with that, but there are no specifics about it right now.”

In our interview with Joe Lansdale over the summer, the author also mentioned that there was talk of a possible television series. So, could this feasibly work?

Yes! With the release of Lansdale’s prequel, Bubba Ho-Tep and the Cosmic Blood-Suckers and the IDW comic of the same name written by Josh Jabcuga, the potential exists for even more source material for an episodic or limited series on a streaming service or cable.

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Plus, there are so many situations that Elvis could find himself in that the series could end up being a retro 70’s X-Files with the King at the helm. Hopefully, if this is the direction that Don Coscarelli chooses to take one thing is certain there will be fans watching!

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