Halloween TV spot features callback to original cheer


Halloween is ready for TV. The promo spot features a callback to the original film which is pretty awesome.

Halloween the holiday is almost upon us and so is the most anticipated movie opening of the year. Thus far the majority of the trailers that have been released (with the UK Heritage one being an exception), haven’t shown us anything that is reminiscent of the original.

Now, nostalgia fans you will get your day with the new tv spot trailer that has been created. Entitled Cheer with good reason. Listen closely to it. In a fun callback, the cheer that is being used over the action is the same one that is in the original film that can be heard while Laurie and Lynda are leaving school.

We see kids walking down the street and a quick cut to the Judith Myers headstone. Those of us that remember the 40-year-old flick will definitely enjoy taking a stroll down memory lane. There are body bags and shots of Michael doing what he does best, stalking.

Jamie Lee Curtis even gets to join the ranks of her True Lies co-star Arnold Schwarzenegger with a pithy one liner, “Happy Halloween, Michael,” while aiming a rifle. There are possible jump scares waiting to happen so this little effort manages to draw the potential audience members in without giving away too much plot information.

Take a look at the spot:

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What fans of the Carpenter series of films will enjoy is the way that the footage looks. You feel as if you are watching one of his productions. A deliberate effort is made to achieve a retro 70’s ambiance like looking at a Polaroid picture from back in the day.

It is that kind of detailing that fans of the 1978 version will acknowledge and appreciate and new fans will enjoy. Halloween will be in theaters on Oct. 19.

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