Bruce Campbell: Have we seen the last of Captain on Lodge 49?


Bruce Campbell ended his 3-episode run on Lodge 49 last night. Is there a slight possibility that this might not be the end of the line for Gary Green?

***Warning- – Spoilers up ahead! ***

Bruce Campbell’s Bittersweet Goodbye

Bruce Campbell, in one of his best roles ever as Gary “Captain” Green ended his 3-episode run on AMC’s Lodge 49 last night. Honestly, it felt bittersweet just like Kenneth Welsh’s departure as the late, great Larry Loomis.

Captain was a mythical construct and the ultimate symbol of success for Ernie Fontaine. This was Ernie’s quest from the first time we met him on the show. Who better to play a larger than life figure than Campbell who has played several in his career?

His fans should be thankful to Paul Giamatti for suggesting him for the role because according to a recent interview with AMC, Campbell had reservations on taking the part. In his words:

"“I’m just glad that I did it. In the core of my being, I wanted to say no to it. That’s the beauty of what we do in the arts. You do something that can be very difficult and challenging, but once you’ve done it, it’s done.”"

After three seasons on STARZ Ash vs Evil Dead, getting blasted with blood cannons and hurled about on harnesses, the time was right to dial back and play a character with nuances. In the short time that he was on the series, he lived up to the concept of Captain.

He is exactly what you would expect from a titan of industry. Immaculately dressed, articulate and on top of his game. That is why when he exits there will be a quiet void. You don’t want to see his character go but you know that he can’t stay.

King of the Con

Much like the careless bravado of Larry, Gary Green brought his own brand of swagger to the party but also a quiet Shakespearean weariness. You always felt that on the inside he was moments away from totally losing his s***. This is also uncharted territory that Bruce’s fans have not seen in quite some time.

Even though Gary straddled the moral grey area there was something about him that was inherently likeable. Yes, he could bilk you out of your hard-earned cash but he would probably turn around and dazzle you with a smile and some glib talk that you would forgive him when the deal went south.

After all, in tonight’s episode, Apogee when Dud and Ernie suspect Gary of conning them again, the always optimistic Dud becomes almost melancholy. He recounts his being let down by Captain, a man who he thought of as a friend by describing his father.

“I saw what I wanted to see, the whole time. He always had a smile on his face.” When Ernie asks him if he is talking about Gary, Dud says sadly, “My dad.” It is hard to be let down by someone that you trust. Even harder when you have pinned your hopes and dreams on that individual like Ernie has.

Do we believe Gary when he tells the guys that he never led them astray? This is where Campbell’s acting skills come into play. He leaves you guessing which is pretty much what would happen in real life too with a guy like Gary Green.

Says the man who brought the myth to life:

"“He’s shady, but it’s not like he’s always swindling everybody. That’s the important thing. People have a lot of gray areas. We’re all a little bit of everything.”"

Is This the End?

The way that Campbell’s character exits the show is like everything else thus far, unusual. His entrance was memorable (drunk in swim trunks in a kiddie pool) so why not have an equally unforgettable departure?

For those of you that have been following the show, Captain struggled with getting a divorce from his wife, Brenda. So much so, that he ate the divorce decree in front of her and their respective lawyers. Now, with some perspective (turning his phone off) he has signed the papers and is moving on.

One of the reasons why he and his wife fell apart was the fact that she loved her sea mammals more than him. In particular, the narwhal.

Bruce Campbell – Narwahl- Courtesy of Getty Images

Brenda is so enamored with the creature that they have a statue of one in their pool.  Let’s just say this plays a part in what happens at the end of the episode.

However, is this truly the end of Captain? Is this the last of Gary Green? When asked by AMC if he held out hope for his character making a comeback, Bruce responded with:

“Never count the Captain out! He’s a survivor!”

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The Lodge 49 season finale is next Monday at 10 p.m. on AMC. Season 1 will be in the books. If you haven’t caught the series and Bruce’s performance, you can watch at or you can purchase the Premiere app for $5.00 per month and binge the show.

Maybe if there is a season 2 (fingers crossed) perhaps Campbell might show up again. Now, that would be groovy!

What do you think of Bruce’s performance as Gary “Captain” Green? Let us know your opinions in the comments section below. We want to hear from you.