Hungry Pigs and Horse Heads: 9 scary gangster movie scenes

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— Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

3) The Godfather – Horse Head

The Godfather is one of the greatest movies ever, and it features one of the most nightmarish (and goriest) moments on this list. It’s a scene everyone’s probably heard about, but always manages to stay fresh in one’s mind afterwards. Not every horror movie can say that, right? And to think, the horse head was delivered just so someone could get a film role! Isn’t the casting couch method of acquiring roles bad enough?

— Courtesy of Universal Pictures

4) Scarface – Chainsaw Scene

When Cuban refugee Tony Montana (Al Pacino) arrived in America, he knew he was destined for better things that lowly dish washing jobs. Is he destined to become a brutal gangster? Maybe. In addition to his desire for prominence and wealth, the man has a controlling nature, and certainly the traits of someone who’s “been through it.”

One thing he goes through, of course, is seeing his associate, Angel (Pepe Serna), get chainsawed to death by Colombian drug dealers. The scene was very controversial at the time, and is definitely a nod in the horror direction. While critics condemned Scarface for its brutality, it nevertheless fit the narrative of the story, painting a reasonably accurate picture of how brutal gangsters can be.