Ray Santiago doesn’t know where he’s going but it won’t be boring

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The Interview

Going Full Out

Ray Santiago – The Body premiere – Courtesy of Real TV Films

1428 Elm:  Hi Ray! Nice to be speaking with you again. Thanks for taking the time. I just finished watching The Body. It was terrific. All of the performances were spot on. We’re very excited about this episode at 1428 Elm. How did you become involved in this project? What attracted you to it?

Ray Santiago: I originally got the script from Blumhouse and my agent. I think I was really excited by the fact that it was the type of part that I had never played. The character is a trust fund app developer and he is also into special FX.

He has so much going on. It was something I had never done before. Then we ended up playing in a way where none of those things really mattered. You know what I mean?

When you think of a trust fund kid there is a certain type of stereotypical way that we see them. I was excited that they would even consider me for it. So, I went in and I auditioned for the casting people at Blumhouse.

I tend to sort of go over the edge sometimes in my auditions. You might think I do a little bit too much. The character had to be on cocaine and drugs so I was like hopped up on caffeine. I had 2 iced coffees before my audition.

I bought this pill that I take to work out with and I crushed it and snorted it in the audition. The casting director did not know what to do. She loved it.

Immediately after I left she said, “You’re going to have to hire this guy.” I just went full out in the audition room.