Ray Santiago doesn’t know where he’s going but it won’t be boring

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Going into the Past

1428 Elm: When you said this film had sort of a 2004 vibe or a 90’s feel, do you know the Hitchcock movie, The Trouble with Harry? The entire film revolves around people having different ideas about how to dispose of a body that turned up in the woods.

It is a comedy of errors. Do you think The Body has that same kind of dark humor to it?

Ray Santiago – Cemetery – Courtesy of Hulu

RS: I really think it is layered with tons of dark humor. It has exactly what you just described. It also has this weird undertone of how f***** up these people are that they are dragging around this body. That they are even entertaining the ways of disposing this body.

I think the film knows none of us are good people. We’re all a******* which is why we ultimately end up getting what we deserve. What’s interesting about it is that you see these people go from being innocent bystanders to now we have to push ourselves to the limit.

We didn’t think we were going to have to do that when we woke up this morning. You have to do what you have to do in order to survive. So, I think there is that element to it.

Also, I didn’t realize that we were going to be sort of leading the group in this sort of chase into what happened. We all take turns in that. It was really fun to shoot. I had a blast.

We shot in a cemetery in Pasadena, we shot in mausoleums and we did a lot of things on Ash that were cool sets but we were in New Zealand. This was really cool because we shot in downtown L.A. at night. We had a huge party scene.

On Making an Entrance

Ray Santiago – It’s My Party- The Body- Courtesy of Hulu

RS (Cont.): Talk about an entrance! (The way Ray enters his party in The Body is truly unique). When I read the script, I thought it was a great moment and then a lot of stuff you didn’t get to see that got cut for time’s sake.

We shot it very quickly, I wanted to put myself to the test to make sure I still had that horror juice. I think it turned out really good!