Ray Santiago doesn’t know where he’s going but it won’t be boring

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Ash vs Evil Dead 2.0

Ash vs Evil Dead – Ghostbeaters – Courtesy of Lionsgate

1428 Elm: I wanted to switch gears here for a moment. I know you may not be able to say too much on this subject. The virtual reality game for Ash vs Evil Dead. Bruce (Campbell) said there will be several incarnations of Evil Dead coming up that fans will dig.

I’ve read a lot of things that you all will have input on your characters. Is there a script? Are you in pre-production?

RS: I know we are all involved. Pablo’s hair and mustache are definitely going to be on point because I had to approve it. I sat in a room with these creators in I think they were in Sweden and we talked about it for a very long time.

I don’t know exactly what the script will be. It will be very similar to things that you have seen on the show.

Going Tone Def

Ray Santiago – Ricky Bates – Trash Fire – Courtesy of Conduit Now

1428 Elm: I wanted to talk to you about Asher in Tone Def. You said in another interview that your character is a womanizing a****** and he’s a p****.  I know you did this movie with your friend Ricky Bates who has used you in quite a bit of his work. Did you find any redeeming qualities in Asher?

RS: (Interject loud laughter) Actually, he’s kind of a bit of a dork and a nerd who uses his womanizing qualities to make himself feel better. He’s not a happy guy. He’s not successful with the ladies. He gets put down quite a bit.

It was a small role. I love working with Ricky so I think I look really great. The styling for the character on the shoot was good. So, we will have to see.

It’s tough because even when I play an a******, there’s those big, brown eyes that make you feel kind of bad or you still see the redeeming quality that you have talked about. It’s inside. I can never truly be that big of an a******.

1428 Elm: What is the premise behind this film because there isn’t much information on it?

RS: It’s about a woman who decides to shut herself off from people and the world. She rents a house from someone who isn’t really a very nice person. That is all I can really say about it. She tries to escape from her normal life. The person is very disturbing.