Bruce Campbell is ready to dance on Last Call with Carson Daly


Bruce Campbell appeared on Last Call with Carson Daly yesterday to talk Lodge 49, the secret to Hollywood success and safety last on The Evil Dead set.

Step It Up because I Only Do Classy Stuff

Bruce Campbell stopped by Last Call with Carson Daly yesterday for their Spotlight segment. Sitting in Boardner’s, a classic Tinseltown watering hole that first opened in 1942, Campbell talked about his latest gig on AMC’s Lodge 49, the secret to Hollywood success and safety last on The Evil Dead set.

For those of you that haven’t had the pleasure of catching Bruce’s performance as Gary “Captain” Green on Lodge 49, grab that AMC Premiere app and binge the series. Trust me, this show is one of the best programs happening on television.

Set in Long Beach, California the action revolves around a group of dysfunctional but compelling individuals who are searching for their “duende” amidst economic and personal uncertainties. They convene at the lodge of the Ancient and Benevolent Lynx because, well, it’s different in there. A respite from the weariness of their everyday lives.

Campbell plays a wealthy developer who has everything going for him except for his personal life which is teetering on the brink of disaster. While the series is hard to define, the actor gives a very apt description of the action.

"“Lodge 49 is “Fargo-ish” in tone and approach. Wyatt Russell is the star of it. He’s the coolest guy on the planet. I worked with his father Kurt, several times.  Stylistically, it’s a little simpler. It’s not like 24 where it’s like “C’mon!” and everyone’s shouting all the time.”"

The Secret to Success

After being in the business for 4 decades, Bruce Campbell knows a thing or two about schmoozing. Sometimes it is about nepotism but sometimes it is all about the approach. Listen and learn future Hollywood moguls.

"“I now know the trick. I know how to get something made now. You walk into somebody’s office, (Joe Blow the executive) with a script that’s bound with 3 brads. That’s just going to rot, that’s going to fester on their desk because it’s just another one of millions of scripts.”"

So, what does the actor suggest? Throwing a book in front of potential producers. Preferably, one that you have written.

"“That’s how you impress someone in this town by saying, I’m fine if you make this or not. I’ve already made it. You want to turn it into a silly movie? Go ahead.”"

Bruce also has definite opinions on some of the craziness of show business. Everyone that has ever aspired to be on a film or television set knows that the hours are long and sometimes the job is thankless. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Campbell has a different idea. Work smarter not harder.

"“Now, you hear filmmakers brag. We have 18-hour days. Well, then you’re an idiot. You don’t know what you’re doing. You work more than 12 hours, you’re a dope.”"

Safety Last

If you have read Campbell’s book, If Chins Could Kill, then you know what a rigorous shoot The Evil Dead was in 1979. From freezing temperatures to gallons of blood and almost broken ankles, this was not a picnic in the park by any means.

As Bruce has pointed out time and time again, they didn’t have a team of stunt professionals so they did their own stunts. The actor recounts what really happened in one particular scene where he had to take out a window with his boomstick.

"“Looking outside the window, I could see the camera guy, Tim. ‘Tim, where are you? Wave your hand. No, don’t be there.’ Turn the camera on and run like hell is really what I wanted.”"

And he is right, the end result while dangerous is super effective. The window gets blown out and there is no faking it. In thinking about it, OSHA might have had a field day on that shoot.

In retrospect, Bruce had this to say about the most famous example of guerilla filmmaking of all time, “It was stupid, really stupid. There could have been fatalities.”

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Ending on a High Note

For fans of Lodge 49, AMC has announced that the series has been renewed for season 2. So, maybe and fingers crossed, Gary “Captain” Green might turn up as a recurring character. You never know.

Perhaps, Bruce might be open to that possibility. Never say never…

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