Straight outta’ Nilbog! Troll 2 best moments photo gallery


Considered one of the worst movies ever, Troll 2 is a light-hearted, goblin-infested romp into hell. We have photos to prove it!

Where to begin? I’ll make it personal! Troll 2 is a film that eluded me for years. Still, I can honestly say I watched it for the first time recently, and I ate it up! In fact, I now own the sucker. That means I can watch it any time I want, and bask in its vegetable-Goblin glory!

Prior to seeing Troll 2 in its entirety, I had seen a few clips of it. I was intrigued, but foolishly put off seeing it. Still, I eventually had to see the full context of the famous “They’re eating her!” scene.

The context? It turns out that Arnold (Darren Ewing) is horrified at seeing someone get eaten, and doesn’t want himself eaten, either. Now, who couldn’t relate to that?

Then, of course, you have the legendary performance of Deborah Reed as Creedence Leonore Gielgud. Some cite this as one of the worst performances of all time, but I disagree. In fact, her and Darren Ewing’s performances are so memorable!

It would be nonsense to call them truly bad. In my book, a truly bad performance is one you’ll forget.

In contrast, some Troll 2 scenes will be etched into my consciousness forever, which really says something. Troll 2 has a certain power, and therefore a respectability. Anyway…

Let the Good Times Troll with these Photos!

1.  Growing Pains

Troll 2 -Michael Stephenson really branched out as Joshua Waits (Troll 2).

Don’t try this at home, folks!  Seriously, leaf it to me to make bad plant and tree jokes.  Still, even this isn’t the most wooden performance in the movie.  Chlorophyll?  More like bore-o-phil!  (Okay, I stole that one from Adam Sandler’s Billy Madison, but that stems from me getting back to my dumb movie roots).

2.  This Actually Happens in the Movie

Troll 2 -Connie Young’s unusual scene. The presence of Garfield on her pink shirt only further establishes the terror (Troll 2)

I don’t remember the context of this moment.  Was she trying to look like Batman or something?  Granted, we all do weird things sometimes, but they don’t typically make it into a movie. Still, it’s part of the Troll 2 experience and charm!

3.  It Feels Good to Gielgud

Deborah Reed murders with her eyes as Creedence Leonore Gielgud (Troll 2)

“Look into my eyes!  You’re getting sleeeepy.  You’re getting very slee…Oh, wait, you were already asleep due to the mind-numbing plot, and I just woke you up?  Sorry!  Back to beddy-byes you go!”

4.  They’re Called “Goblins” as They’re Known for Gobblin’

The film’s real stars! (Troll 2)

Are they goblins?  Are they trolls?  If they are vegetarians, why do they need to change people into vegetables?  Couldn’t they just eat plants and cut out the middle man?  It’s a bit like Gremlins, where we have to wonder just what’s going on with these critters.  Whatever we call them, they’re clearly going through an identity crisis, and taking it out on us.

5.  Feeling Corny

Troll 2 -This one doesn’t need a caption, does it? (Troll 2)

What’s your favorite type of corn?  I like cream style, though I understand why some wouldn’t like the texture.  I also like whole kernel corn.  Then again, corn on the cob can be stellar, especially with a little bit of butter.

I guess I just like corn.  Heck, I even like some songs from the band Korn.  I honestly can’t say I’ve enjoyed corn on this level, though.

Also keep in mind, this was before the internet.  To have corn experiences like this required some deeper searching for like-minded corn aficionados.  There probably wasn’t a magazine called Shucks and Ears, for example.

That being said, if anyone asks if you’re into “corn play,” offers you a “corn job” or talks about shucking a lot, you may have found your carnal kernel match.

(However, if they frequently mention “He Who Walks Behind the Rows” or have the name Malachai, you may want to reconsider).

6. The “Oh My God” to End All “Oh My Gods”

Troll 2 -Darren Ewing shocked and dismayed. (Troll 2)

Darren Ewing gives a career-defining performance as Arnold.  One look at his face and you know something’s gone slightly awry.  It turns out the Goblins like turning people into plants and eating them.

It’s sort of their central focus in life, actually.  You know how some people eat at McDonald’s too much and you might not get it.

You’ll say, “Well, a Big Mac is okay, but it’s not even the best burger out there.  Hell, it’s not even the best menu item at McDonald’s.”  Well, that’s similar to how I see the Goblin diet.

Like I stated earlier, they could just settle for regular vegetation, but apparently they have an acquired taste for human-plant hybrids, or something like that.  Also, Goblins are messy eaters, as they refrain from basic etiquette.

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I guess it’s alright to make one’s self at home, but I personally wouldn’t treat plant-people as finger food.  I’d get a fork or a spoon, and maybe even if a knife for any hardened, chunkier bits (which I assume could occur through such inter-species hybridization).

Well, that’s it for this Troll 2 article.  Will you ever seen corn the same way?  Let us know in the comments!