NYCC: Gale Anne Hurd on Andrew Lincoln and Lore season 2


Gale Anne Hurd, executive producer of The Walking Dead and Lore discusses Andrew Lincoln’s departure and the expectations for Lore in season 2.

***Minor Spoilers Ahead***

Saying Goodbye

Gale Anne Hurd is a prolific producer who is known for shepherding such behemoth box office giants at The Terminator, Armageddon and Aliens. She has also become quite a successful behind the scenes presence on AMC’s The Walking Dead and Amazon’s Lore.

At New York Comic Con, she spoke with Deadline about losing Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) and how season 2 of Lore is going to have a different focus. This upcoming year is going to be very heartbreaking for fans of TWD. Not only will they be losing one of their central characters, but they will also be saying goodbye to Lauren Cohan (Maggie Greene) as well.

Sometimes when a major fan favorite exits a show that doesn’t bode well for the series. However, there are also going to be focus changes too. For one thing, Angela Kang is the new showrunner whom Hurd praises for her “unique and powerful voice.”

TWD is a very dark show as everyone knows. For season 9, things are going to be looking upward, for a bit. Says Hurd:

"“You’ll see people continuing to have issues, continuing to struggle, but I think there’s a great deal more hope. You know, it’s not the same all-out war that we’ve been experiencing the past few years on the show, so I think it will be great to see these communities thrive in some instances and struggle in others.”"

Rick Grimes was such a strong presence that some fans might wonder how the show can even go on but Gale Anne Hurd assures her audience that:

"“His presence will continue to resonate throughout the show, even in his absence.”"

Which will make his loss a little less painful for viewers.

Changing Lore

Hurd’s other series, Lore on Amazon has also received a new showrunner as well in Sean Crouch due to Glen Morgan having a conflict. Since the program is based on the podcast of the same name and creepy tales from creator, Aaron Mahnke, Crouch’s intention is to spotlight the real-life characters that are “experiencing the stories that the show is telling.”

The plan is to explore each tale thoroughly. A total immersion into the narrative. One of the planned episodes will deal with Jack Parsons who was well-known for being one of the progenitors of rocket science and rocketry.

However, he also had a dark side that delved into the occult and the teachings of legendary Satanist, Aleister Crowley. Another proposed plot line in the mix deals with accused witch, Mary Webster.

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On both fronts, Hurd seems comfortable navigating any potential challenges with both of her shows. She also appears to be confident that her audiences will go along for the ride.

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