American Horror Story: Apocalypse E5 — The Boy Wonder (Recap)

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Cordelia feels her energy fading, meaning that it could be entirely possible that Michael is the next in line to be The Supreme/Alpha. Image courtesy of FX.

After the horrible incident, Ms. Meade drives to the Hawthorne School and meets Michael outside. He asked her if she “took care of the problem”. She confirms that she did. Michael’s somewhat nervous about the Seven Wonders and Miriam says “you’ll own the Seven Wonders and then all of their covens and then the world”.  We then find out that Grand Chancellor Ariel (Jon Jon Briones) was in on the whole thing. He’s approaching and Miriam said “Oh, don’t tell him about your father.”

It is then that Michael performs the seven wonders in a similar black and white silent movie-esque way that the entire phenomenon was shown to us in Coven. He goes through the first six wonders (Telekinesis, Concilium, Transmutation, Divination, Vitalium Vitalis, Pyrokinesis) with veritable ease. When it comes to the final wonder Descensum, Cordelia puts a twist on what Michael has to do. Instead of simply entering hell, he must bring back another one of her witches, Misty Day (Lily Rabe).

Ariel is not happy about this and thinks that Cordelia is doing this simply because she doesn’t want to give up her seat as supreme and that she is very much like her mother, the former Supreme, Fiona. Ariel assumes that this will rile up Cordelia, and while it does to a certain extent, Cordelia is nonplussed and tells Ariel that she could rip his larynx from his throat is she chose to and that she is the Supreme and things will go as she says.

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American Horror Story season 12 is not coming out in February 2023 /

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  • Michael descends into the sad hell in which Misty was stuck in Coven. She is cursed to dissect a frog and revive it for all of eternity. We see her go through the sequence a few times until finally in the middle of one of the times her science teacher is yelling at her, Langdon dissects him instead of a frog, leaving Misty amazed. She asks “Are you here to save me?”

    Michael then returns to the floor of the room where the test is being conducted. Since he returns alone, initially, most of the people in the room think that he didn’t pass the test. However a few moments later, Misty materializes.

    There’s a celebratory spirit throughout the school after the test is completed. Myrtle Snow is not amused, of course, because a man is going to be Supreme. Cordelia knows that Michael is going to be it because she feels her life force fading and after Michael completes the Seven Wonders, Cordelia has a nosebleed and faints again. Earlier in the episode we see a bad wound that she doesn’t show anyone else. It’s not explicitly said thus far, but I think this has less to do with Michael being the Supreme or the Alpha or whatever and more to do with him being The AntiChrist.

    Back in the parlor of the Hawthorne School, Misty approaches Cordelia. “You should have left me there,” Misty says, “There is something wrong with that man.” We then see a flashback to when Michael rescued Misty. After he dissects the teacher, all the students that are there with Misty turn into..something else. There throats open up wider, their heads tilt back, their eyes roll back into their head and they all start speaking latin in a low demonic rumble.

    Cordelia lets Misty knew that she had a feeling something was going on with Micheal and that’s why she put him through these tests in the first place. I should have figured that was what was happening but for a while I thought Cordelia was off her game in letting Langdon do the tests.

    Next is a real treat for Coven fans. The one and only white witch Stevie Nicks returns as herself to sing “Gypsy” for Misty Day. Baldwin PennyPacker (BD Wong, one of my personal heroes) plays the piano and I’m incredibly curious to know if BD was ACTUALLY playing the piano because that would just be too much for my heart.

    The white witch, Stevie Nicks, sings “Gypsy” to Misty Day (Lily Rabe) who has finally returned to the coven..from hell. Image courtesy of FX.

    After the heartwarming scene, Cordelia takes Madison into a room to have a discussion. Cordelia is trying to tell Madison that something is going on with Michael and that Madison needs to go do some recon on our cute AntiChrist friend. She says “Well he rescued me from hell so shouldn’t I be loyal to him or something?” to which Cordelia replies “You’re only loyal to yourself!” which Madison really can’t argue with, being who she is.

    Behold Chablis bursts in the door while they’re talking their plans. They stop talking and try to cover it up and Chablis says “Oh please, if eavesdropping paid money, I’d be richer than Amazon.” Behold then explains that he has a bad feeling, although I’m not 100% sure if he knows what happened to John Henry yet. He says that he’s on their side and wants to find out what’s at the bottom of this.

    This leaves Ariel and Baldwin alone in their admiration of Michael for the moment. Cordelia is sending Behold and Madison on a trip to where Michael came from….and she didn’t mean hell, or Miriam Meade’s kitchen, she meant the place I’ve been patiently awaiting them to go the whole time…THE MURDER HOUSE. This debunks my theory that the Hawthorne School (or Outpost 3) is built on the ground where the Murder House stood, but I’m sort of glad it does, because I want to see the house, and more importantly who’s going to be there.

    If you’ve seen the trailer then you already know that Jessica Lange will be in the next episode as Constance Langdon, which, be still my heart. However, is Constance still alive? Or is she now a permanent resident of the house, which is sort of her dream come true? Also, who else are we going to see? I have a very strong feeling that Tate will be there, as Evan Peters is in the opening credits and his other character, Mr. Gallant is (to our knowledge) deceased.

    I also feel pretty strongly that Violet will be there because I feel like we catch a glimpse of her in the trailer. BUT WHO ELSE? Ben Harmon? Vivien Harmon? Chad Whitaker? Charles and Nora Montgomery? The possibilities are aplenty and I cannot wait for the revisit. Join me next week for the aptly titled “Return to the Murder House”. I’m dying to see it!!!

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