Freddy Friday: Elm Street doc Fredheads gets first trailer from Fangoria


With dreamers anxiously looking forward to its debut, Fangoria is unleashing the first official trailer for the upcoming Elm Street documentary, FredHeads.

Wake up Elm Street fans, the upcoming FredHeads documentary has a new trailer…

According to Fangoria, the world of A Nightmare on Elm Street has good reason to rejoice. With fans feverishly looking forward to the FredHeads doc, we’re getting a new trailer for the anticipated documentary. Offering a better view at what’s coming, the trailer showcases the efforts from the Venn and Northgate (Update: Northgate is not longer associated with the project) production teams and all the fans who have shared their stories. Feeling sleepy yet?

Refill those Hypnocil prescriptions while checking out the new trailer below:

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You got that right Fangoria, it’s prime time to be a Freddy Krueger fan.

Setting itself apart by focusing on the rabidness of fandom, FredHeads is one of the most anticipated projects in the genre. With the Elm Street series still host to a healthy fanbase, who’s proud members discuss the franchise daily on platforms like Facebook and Twitter, the doc is a stellar idea. Because at the end of the day its all about the fans. We are the Dream Warriors.

FredHeads: The Documentary is scheduled for release next year. That could be mean either the beginning or end of the year, so check back with 1428 Elm for more on the doc when it comes down the pipe. And remember, don’t fall asleep.

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