My Friend the Demon: A preview


Hey, horror fans. There’s a new movie in the works from the producer of Followed. Here’s a preview of what to expect.

Demon Indiegogo

My Friend the Demon is the next project from producer Brandon Waites who was also the associate producer on Followed. I thought Followed was a creepy, fun, and thought provoking movie. You should keep an eye out for it in your local movie theaters.

Written and directed by Matt Sears, My Friend the Demon is a horror short film proof of concept. It’s the story of a young girl (Isabelle Allen) who befriends a demon (Javier Botet) after suffering years of physical abuse by her father.

Currently the film is in pre-production. There’s a script, cast, and other key roles filled. There’s also an Indiegogo page to help raise the funds necessary to get the project in production.

It’s pretty cool. Besides the usual perks for supporters, you can also check out photos and bios of the cast, a breakdown of how the budget will be spent, and a video from the director introducing us to the project.

Sears has made several short horror films. You can check them out on his official YouTube channel. His most well know horror short is I Heard It Too. It has over 4.1 million views.

With a run time of 8 minutes and 23 seconds, you’d expect the jump scares to start almost immediately. And they do.

Sears effectively creates a world that is developed enough to make us fear it. I Heard It Too is a taught, chilling watch that will linger with you long after you have finished viewing the film.

Morphing into Hell

While there aren’t any production stills for obvious reasons, the Indiegogo site gives you a sneak peek at what the demon might look like. There are 5 current pre-vis designs along with the headshot of Botet.

To give you an idea of the form the character may take, consider 2 of Botet’s recent roles. He played one of the creepy, upright standing xenomorphs from Alien: Covenant and Slender Man in Slender Man. That would lead me to believe we’re in store for a tall, lanky demon.

Preview-My Friend The Demon-Courtesy of Brandon Waites

The subject matter of My Friend the Demon seems to be a recurring theme for Sears. Kids in peril is a tricky sell. If pulled off, the results are generally quite scary.

In I Heard It Too, the audience is left to do a lot of the horror work on their own. It’s not a cop out. If you take a step back from the film, it’s the best way to achieve scares without being completely exploitative.

Although many would disagree, the active imagination of the viewer often goes to far darker places than the film ever could. It also allows for a varied experience from audiences.

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There’s also the possibility that befriending the demon could totally backfire on the little girl. We can say with confidence that she wants a friend. What does the demon want? That’s always a frightening question to ask with a lot of possibilities. There aren’t many that end well.

Are you interested in My Friend the Demon? Check out the Indiegogo, give it a follow, and come back here to discuss in the comments!