Bruce Campbell: I don’t have time to go back and play Ash again


Bruce Campbell has been very vocal about not reprising his role as Ash Williams. However, there are fans out there that continue to think that he doesn’t mean what he says. He’ll be back. Well, think again…

From the Dark Cellar

Bruce Campbell has been very busy lately. Fresh off a successful three episode run on AMC’s Lodge 49 as Gary “Captain” Green, numerous con appearances and now a mini-tour of the U.S. with his trivia game show, Last Fan Standing, he has quite a bit to occupy his time.

Six months ago, Ash vs Evil Dead was cancelled and the actor retired the character of Ash Williams that he played for close to four decades. There was an attempt by fans to get Netflix to pick up the show but Bruce told them via Twitter:

"“Big props to fans for the effort, but I’m retired as Ash. #timetofrysomeotherfish”"

However, no matter how many times he reiterates that he isn’t picking up the chainsaw again, why do people refuse to believe it? The most popular answer is that “He did the same thing back in 2011. He told us he would never play Ash again and then look at what happened.”

Well, giving him the benefit of the doubt, maybe at the time he had no designs on playing Ash again. He was in the middle of a successful run with Burn Notice.

But this time is different, very different. In a recent interview with Digital Spy, Bruce who is known for his candor pulls no punches when the subject of returning to the iconic character is broached.

"“I’m a 60-year-old man, how much longer do I need to be face down in the dirt in a f****** cellar that’s dank and wet and cold?! How long do I need to do that?”"

Much to Do

When you think about it, we have three seasons of Ash vs Evil Dead. We have more than enough footage and storylines than a movie. Plus, the complete DVD and Blu-ray season 3 version will be available on Oct. 22 so you can physically have those moments available to watch at your convenience.

Not to mention the fact that there is an Evil Dead 2 4K HD Combo Pack hitting stores on Dec. 11. So, there is actually plenty of Ash to look forward to.

Even though Campbell’s portrayal will live on, there are those that believe if Sam Raimi decides to revisit the character and that if a significant amount of dough is involved, Bruce may acquiesce and sign on the dotted line. Here are his thoughts on that scenario:

“I find it a really fascinating question that people just assume that at some point they’ll offer enough money and I’ll go, ‘Yeah! Let’s do it!’, or that I’ll get bored enough. I have so much stuff on, I don’t have time to go back and play Ash again.”

I believe him. He’s done. It’s not like we won’t see him again. There is a future book to look forward to, personal appearances and probably a few surprises.

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