WPCK ALL NIGHT Halloween comedy show hits Pack


WPCK ALL NIGHT hits Pack Theater on Halloween starting at 8pm and ending with a blowout monster dance party at 1am, when the funk werewolves dance like donuts.

Brian James O’Connell, the director of Bloodsucking Bastards, an office horror-comedy about vampires distributed by Scream Factory in limited release and streaming on VOD, is producing an all night Halloween extravaganza.

The Pack Theater, founded by warchief Miles Stroth, is LA’s fastest growing comedy theater with improv, sketch, stand-up, and digital comedy shows and classes with veteran industry teachers.

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WPCK ALL NIGHT is the newest annual tent pole event to hit The Pack Theater. Like their shows Janniversary, Packchella, and PackCon, WPCK All Night is a mind-blowing spectacle. Check the sick line up below.

8pm: WPCK: 3000
A mixed media comedy art installation featuring 50 unique variety acts in sequence to a single curated video built by 30+ editors 1 second at a time for a 50 minute straight comedy mindfreak.

9pm: Halloween Pack Pageant
You know ‘me, you love ’em. We can’t have a holiday without ’em. A Halloween Holiday Pageant that is legendary, unleashing the best, brightest, and brashest on the most horrific holiday of the year.

10pm: WPCK: No Time For Ragnar Benson’s Allentown Exquisite Corpse: The Musical
An All Female exquisite corpse style Broadway musical done The Pack Way, 30 female writers and an all female cast bring you a stage show that cannot be believed.

11pm: WPCK Presents: The Cobrathon
Your regularly scheduled program has been usurped by serpents! Cartoon villains Cobra are back and BOY are they strapped for cash! They’ve commandeered a rickety public access television studio to host the first annual Cobrathon! A telethon for eeeevil! Featuring an array of your favorite 80s comic book and cartoon villains performing stand-up, music, bits and who knows what else!

Midnight: WPCK: The Night Shift
A late night call in show from the Netherworld. Eccentric characters drawn from the insomniacs, overnight passengers and graveyard shift drones who populate the mean streets of New Los Angeles. As DJ @b3oc always says, “It’s late at night. You need someone to talk to. I’m here for you. I’m listening. This is The Night Shift.”

1am: WPCK: Dance Party!
A curated collection of excessively lavish comedic monster dance pieces to thrill your soul and move your feet. DJs, choreographers and comedians join forces to create the most thrilling version of an underground basement dance party the world has ever seen.

Lock the doors. Turn off the lights. Breathe deep.

All shows are pay what you can. For more information on the event – check out Pack Theater’s website. It’ll be a Spooktacular night.

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Do you like monster dance parties or comedies from the Netherworld? Is there a show you may want to attend? Let us know in the comments below!