The Goldbergs: Robert Englund return as Freddy Krueger gets teaser


With everyone anticipating the Springwood Slasher, we’re getting the first trailer for The Goldbergs featuring Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger.

A Nightmare on Elm Street’s dreamiest guy is heading to ABC…

After over a decade, Robert Englund is returning to your nightmares. On Oct. 24, Freddy Krueger is appearing on the popular ABS comedy, The Goldbergs. Set in the ’80s, it’s the perfect place, outside of a new Elm Street flick, to bring the horror icon back to the role that made him famous.

With only a few days until the appropriately titled Mister Knifey-Hands debuts, we’re getting a better look at Englund as the Springwood Slasher with a new promo. Check it out below, courtesy of Bloody-Disgusting:

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This looks like perfection. You can keep the Hypnocil, I’m ready to fall asleep…..

As a fan of both the fedora freak and the hit comedy, this looks like pure perfection. From just a few moments in the teaser, you can see Englund is  in on and digging the joke. It’s interesting that modern society has created an environment of meta entertainment, where we can poke fun at villains without hesitation. And personally, I’m for far more of it.

With Halloween king at the box office, this was the perfect time for the horror icon to come out of the boiler room for one more makeup session. Now, if we could only get Kane Hodder in the hockey mask one more time…

Don’t forget to tune into The Goldbergs to see the return of Freddy Krueger this Wednesday, only on ABC.

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