American Horror Story: Apocalypse E7 — Traitor (Recap)

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Coco’s powers expand beyond gluten detection. Image courtesy of FX.

Cordelia is walking down the stairs and has a lot of trouble with it, so Violet assists her. Cordelia tells Violet not to tell anyone about how weak she is. Violet then presents the theory that Mallory is the new supreme, not Michael.

We are then transferred from one school to another. At the Hawthorne School, Myrtle, Bubbles, Ariel, and Baldwin sit down for a large meal. Under the guise of trying to unite the witches and warlocks, the witches prepared the meal. Everyone is all smiles, but thanks to Bubbles’ Letio Animo, she can tell what the real deal is.

“God, I hate this B—,” Baldwin Pennypacker thinks.

“No one’s brought up John Henry, I’m glad that f–kers a pile of ash” and again throughout the thoroughly meaningless banter that’s carrying on “I can’t wait until they’re dead. Every last stinking witch.”

The final thought Bubbles reads is Baldwin Pennypacker’s “I want to wipe the smiles off their smug little faces”

At this point, we return to Madame Robichaux’s. The witches are having a celebratory dinner because they know that Mallory is the true ascending supreme. She feels guilty because she is the one sapping Cordelia of her strength, but Cordelia tells her to never be ashamed of who she is.

Behold Chablis, who is still amongst the Coven, blurts out mid celebration “How are you witches casually sitting here drinking wine when people are going to die?”

Cordelia explains to Behold that she has known about the events coming to fruition for quite some time which forced her to do something “I vowed I’d never do, and it almost killed me.” This was, of course, bring back Myrtle Snow from the dead for the…..third time? It was two years before the events that are taking place in the timeline before Michael does successfully end the world. I was wondering how she was back and I’m very glad they acknowledged why.

Now that the witches know what the warlocks are up to, “It’s time to fire the first shot,” according to Cordelia. Which entails bringing back John Henry Moore. I called it that they would bring him back and I’m glad it was sooner rather than later because Cheyenne Jackson’s portrayal of this badass warlock is really enjoyable. Mallory and the witches return to the gas station where John Henry was murdered. Mallory brings him back to life.

Heeee’s Baaaack. Image Courtesy of FX.

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Cordelia thought for sure that Michael or Ariel Augstus did this, but John Henry confirms “No, I was killed by a woman.”

We all know that this woman was Ms. Miriam Meade, Michael’s Satanic foster-mother. We see her again in the grocery store where Michael had previously killed a butcher, purchasing some meat, including some “cloven hooves for that extra Satanic zing!” She gets to her car and Coco approaches, informing Miriam that she knows what she did.

“You dumb heretic,” Miriam scoffs at Coco,” I’m gonna boil you in my crock pot.”

Before Miriam can do such a thing, our favorite albinos from season 3 are back and they throw Miriam in the back of their SUV. We return to a popular place in the Coven universe, the Cordelia was able to confront Pennypacker and Augustus. Their mouths are permanently covered up with skin so no matter how much they want to plead, they cannot.

When we reach the site of the burnings, Cordelia announces that because the warlocks committed the crime, a warlock must inflict the punishment. It is then when John Henry comes out and shocks the people responsible for his previous death. It’s only appropriate that John Henry is the one to light the match. He makes sure to pour extra gasoline on Miriam first. She says “I’m not scared, I’m jubilant.” When the match is lit, one of the creepiest scenes on television occurs as Miriam Meade smiles and yells out to her “father” while being burned alive. It truly gave me a chill, and affirms my belief that Kathy Bates is one of the best actresses of all time.

Next week, we return to Michael at what seems like some kind of Satanic version of Bible camp. Evan Peters and Billy Eichner both have ridiculous bowl cuts and I’m wondering if they are Mr. Gallant and Brock? Or are they two different characters? Also Sandra Bernhardt as a Satanic Priestess is sure to be interesting.

This season is still leaving a lot of questions unanswered and with only 5 episodes left, it has me wondering if maybe season 8 is a continuation of this season? Or maybe the last episode will be two hours long? I’m not sure, but I hope all my questions are answered. I’ll be back next week with my thoughts on “Sojourn”. Feel free  to leave your thoughts about “Traitor” In the comments!

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