John Carpenter’s The Fog in 4K rolls into theaters on Oct 26th!


Don’t miss your chance to see John Carpenter’s classic ghost story The Fog in 4K, just in time for Halloween! In Cities nationwide starting October 26th!

John Carpenter’s first post Halloween film is the wonderfully spooky ghost-pirate saga, The Fog, which will be returning to theaters with an immaculate 4K restoration, just in time for both Halloween and Halloween. The newly restored Carpenter classic couldn’t have come out at a better time.

Hopefully, in tandem with David Gordon Green’s new twist on HalloweenThe Fog in 4K will result in new fans for both Jamie Lee Curtis and John Carpenter, who are two of the best horror actresses and directors of all time, respectively.

For those of you who have never seen The Fog, I am jealous that your first experience of the film will be on the big screen in pristine 4K, as opposed to a VHS tape purchased for fifty cents at a pawnshop in Williamsburg, Kentucky (true story). Also, for your benefit, I’ll give a brief synopsis of the film.

The Fog – A Ghost Story

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The town of Antonio Bay, on the Northern California coast, is a pretty normal, mundane seaside town by all appearances, except for one dark blemish on its past. It was founded by a group of men who purposely deceived a wealthy man who wanted to live on the island into a shipwreck on their rocky shores, stealing his gold after he and his crew die. The night of the shipwreck, an unearthly fog rolled through the town. The shores have remained clear since, until Antonio Bay’s town priest (played by Hal Holbrook) finds an account of the horrors that happened 100 years ago hidden behind a rock in his parish.

The fog returns, just in time for the town to celebrate it’s Centennial, and a radio DJ, Stevie Wayne (Adrienne Barbeau) and her son, a beautiful rebellious young traveller, Elizabeth Solley (Jamie Leigh Curtis) and her new fisherman companion, Nick Castle (Tom Atkins), a frantic party planner, Kathy Williams (Janet Leigh, of Psycho fame, who is also Jamie Leigh Curtis’ mother) and more are forced to face the consequences. The result is a Lovecraftian horror delight that seems as if it could have been based on a Stephen King novel, but is one of maybe 20 famous horror films that isn’t (hyperbole, everyone calm down, I know that isn’t actually true).

Nick Castle (Tom Atkins), Andy Wayne (Ty Mitchell), and Elizabeth Solley (Jamie Leigh Curtis) try to escape THE FOG! Image courtesy of Rialto Pictures and EG-PR.

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Please go see The Fog in 4K while you can. It debuts October 26th in the following theaters:

  • The Metrograph (NYC)
  • Landmark’s NuArt Theater (Los Angeles)
  • The Music Box Theatre (Chicago)
  • Regent Square Theatre (Pittsburgh-with actor Tom Atkins in attendance!)
  • Northwest Film Forum (Seattle)
  • The Carolina Theatre (Durham)
  • Hollywood (Portland,OR)
  • The Senator Theatre (Baltimore) 
  • The Texas Theatre (Dallas)
  • Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas NATIONWIDE
  • and more! 

To see if The Fog 4K restoration is coming to your town, go to Rialto Pictures.

Have you seen The Fog? Did you enjoy it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.