Adam Green does a Halloween Intervention for his 20th ArieScope short


Adam Green celebrates his 20th ArieScope Halloween short with The Intervention. See what happens when some of his favorite characters come together to get the director the help he needs.

Adam Green has done it again. His 20th ArieScope Halloween short entitled, “The Intervention,” is just the laugh that is sometimes needed at the start of the hectic holiday season. From the very beginning, you know this film is going to have some wonderful moments because in the opening credits we are treated to Green’s version of the old 1985 CBS “Special Presentation” intro from WNEV in Boston.

Adam and his Director of Photography and producer friend, Will Barratt are seen entering the ArieScope offices. Green is convinced that he is being taken to a surprise Halloween party. However, that is not the case. When he enters the room, he is immediately confronted with all of the stars of his past shorts.

Kane Hodder (Driving Lesson Spoof), Nicolo (Jack Chop), Derek Mears, Kelly Vrooman (Monster Problems), Joe Lynch (Just Take One), Tivo, Burger King, Jack in the Box and Sid Haig (plus assorted puppet characters) have all gathered at the behest of Green’s long-time producer, Sarah Elbert. At first, Adam Green attempts to leave but is thwarted by Giant Tivo.

Of course, this entire escapade starts off with “I’m guessing you know what it is that we want to talk to you about?” Green thinks it is a drug issue so he starts pulling tons of pill bottles from his cargo shorts along with a coke spoon, Meth and some other paraphernalia. Sarah is appalled at all the stash and takes a look at one of the scripts which happens to be for suppositories.

If you are looking for solid laughs, this is the video for you. Adam Green ingeniously weaves in some poignant social commentary on hot button topics like illegal downloading (“I can watch whatever I want” to “I only watch Netflix”), statements that “trigger” people, Ernie and Bert coming out to poking fun at Hollywood’s obsession with sequels by noting that Joel David Moore is “shooting the next 12 Avatar movies for the rest of his life.”

Who knew Kane Hodder had a sense of humor? Well, if you saw the old Arsenio Hall show you would but he is predominantly known for playing a silent character. In The Intervention, he gets to show off his comedic chops and he is hysterically funny. It is all in his deadpan delivery plus his stare, priceless!

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When Adam Green recreates Linus’ speech at the end of A Charlie Brown Christmas complete with his “blankie,” it is enough to make you fall out of your chair laughing. This is a must-see video experience.

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