Return Of The Killer Shrews, sequel to cult classic, on demand now


Almost 60 years after the first film, Return Of The Killer Shrews has hit video on demand.

In 1959 on a deserted island, a mad scientist experimented on shrews with the adverse side effect that makes them giant and carnivorous. Almost 60 years later, a reality TV crew goes back to the island of the killer shrews to film, I assume some kind of Survivor like reality show.

James Best (The Dukes Of Hazzard) returns to his original role as Thorne Sherman. Now if you’re familiar with James Best, you may be asking yourself how he is in a movie in 2018 when he died in 2015?  Well, it turns out Return Of The Killer Shrews was actually released in 2012, but it’s just now coming out on VOD. Joining Best from Dukes of Hazzard is John Schneider, and Rick Hurst. Taking over from James Arness as the original antagonist Jerry Farrell is Bruce Davison.

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The original film, The Killer Shrews, found a cult following after being featured on the cult favorite show, Mystery Science Theater 3000. It would be great if the sequel found it’s way on to the Netflix revival, Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return. With that said ,the film isn’t for everyone. If you’re expecting award winning stuff then this isn’t for you. However, if you want something fun and silly with inexplicably lovable characters, then this is for you.

Return Of The Killer Shrews is an awfully good bloody time. Fans of The Dukes Of Hazzard will love a certain exchange between James Best and John Schneider. While I love the film for it’s silliness there is one thing about the film I absolutely hate. The shrews themselves are bad CGI. While that fits the silliness and the advanced technology in films I love the silly practical effects used in the original film. In the original film dogs were used in shrew costumes. The gore is also CGI and I can’t stand CGI blood. There are some practical effects, but the CGI is relied on much more.

There are some flashback sequences to the original film so you don’t need to see it to enjoy the sequel. So if you want a fun throwback to the creature features of the 1950s Return Of The Killer Shrews is for you.

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