Netflix and Chills with Don’t Watch This series of short films


Netflix is streaming 5 terrifying short films in celebration of Halloween with selections from Crypt TV and the producers of Queer Eye!

Netflix is cranking up the terror factor in time for Halloween with an anthology series called, Don’t Watch This which is part of their Netflix and Chills event. 5 short films from very different sources such as Crypt TV and Queer Eye are showcased. That’s right, the producers of Queer Eye have an entry. Prepare to be very disturbed.

Season 1 begins with Friendship Bracelet from Crypt TV. Majority of these episodes are directed by John William Ross.

Let’s just say when you see a teenager with a surgical mask over her face wielding a bone saw above her doll, you know this is going to be disconcerting. Attention Mean Girls, you might want to think twice before being condescending to that “weird” loner girl, just saying.

Episode 2 CTRL+ ALT + DEL ponders the question what if the Cenobites were in charge of the Dark Web and wanted you to play a game? Normal people would run but not Gordon. He’s up for a challenge. This is a high-tech Clive Barkeresque nightmare.

Incommodum, the third episode in the anthology is a word with Latin roots. It means, “troublesome, disagreeable.” This short is all that and more. A series of haunting images, this is what would happen if Luis Buñuel of Un Chien Andalou met Mark Romanek the director of Nine Inch Nails video, “Closer.”

Blood, body parts, creepy looking mannequins and assorted frightening and ghastly quick cuts are employed to give the viewer the sense of being off balance. This is what I would imagine a bad acid trip to be like with the gang from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

The fourth installment, Keep Out is a cautionary tale. Perhaps when you see a sign that tells you to do that, you should heed the warning. Of course, two “explorers” do not. The two leads in the film are like a combination of Jackass and Ghost Hunters.

When they decide to enter an abandoned mansion, what could possibly go wrong? Quite a bit and in a short time, too. Shot in the popular found footage documentary style, this particular short feels like Blair Witch to a certain extent. Unlike that film, this one delivers on all levels.

Now, it’s time for Antoni Psycho. Antoni Porowski, Queer Eye’s resident foodie shows us his morning routine. Of course, all of it is a bit too precious but it is gearing up for a monumental payoff later.

Porowski saunters around his wonderful abode clad in Calvin Klein tighty whites. So, we get to see his sculpted abs and physique which are the result of his impeccable stretching routine each and every morning. Then his green tea and yogurt face mask which lends him his youthful glow.

Shudder has a musical theme courtesy of the Horror Master!. dark. Next

There is more to this “self-care” ritual but let’s just say I would politely decline to dine with him. If you are wanting a return to non PG-13 horror, this series is for you. Creative, original and definitely not tentpole offerings, these short films will satisfy a genre lovers appetite.

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