Bruce Campbell: Battle of the tribute videos, hail to the King, baby!


Bruce Campbell has conquered every medium so why not You Tube? Check out these two tribute videos and see which one is fit for a king.

Bruce Campbell is on every social media platform so it is no surprise that he has a plethora of videos on You Tube. Most of them are interviews or clips from appearances on television but then there are some that are fan made tributes.

We profiled one a couple months back that was absolutely stellar from xHeather360x that the man himself shared on Twitter, Ash vs Evil Dead – Flesh and Bone. While that one was specifically made for fans of the STARZ series, there are others that celebrate his entire career.

So, now is your chance to vote on which tribute video you dig. They are both very different. One uses the upbeat song, “Could Have Been Me” by The Struts. The other chooses a more techno sound utilizing Fall Out Boy’s, “Light ‘Em Up” the Nightstep remix.

Our first challenger is Screaming Soup. Last week we shared their awesome 1980’s video game Bruce Campbell vs Sam Raimi which took you right back to the arcades that were found in every mall in America during that decade.

In this video, they cover Bruce’s career from his Super 8 Short days featuring clips from The Blind Waiter and Within the Woods among others to Burn Notice, Brisco County Jr., Menno’s Mind, Mindwarp and the list goes on and on. The gang over there really did their research.

Their reason for using The Struts tune, “We felt it had a well-paced beat with an epic sound that echoed the scope of Bruce’s life in cinema.” Their editing is spot on and the timing is perfect with certain lyrics in the song set to the events captured on screen.

Check it out!

Now, we turn our attention to Flashy Pebble’s entry. While not quite as extensive with Bruce’s career path, the video does have roles other than the usual suspects mentioned featuring Alien Apocalypse, Cars 2 and Sky High.

Normally, I like electronica but, in this case, I feel they should have used the original track as done by Fall Out Boy. Dubstep is tricky and if the piece isn’t edited exactly right there can be some glitches and the footage won’t be entirely seamless.

I like the energy in this tribute. It does have some very cool interludes in the middle of it which function well with the onscreen action. You be the judge.

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Two very different efforts and more than apropos for the multi-talented Bruce Campbell. Each function well as showcases for the actor’s career. Which video do you think best suits Campbell’s 40 years in the business? Let us know!

Do you feel that Screaming Soup has the tribute that is fit for a King or do you prefer Flashy Pebble and their homage? Tell us in the comments section.